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Full stop - part 2 (VIDEO)

30. June | In Focus

Insajder in the making

  • (Ab)using of state flats and villas

    After almost 15 years, the re-trial is beginning in the process against the former officials of the Socialist Party of Serbia and the Yugoslav Left who are accused for the illegal distribution and taking possession of state-owned flats during the 1990s.

  • What have the independent institutions found in Dipos

    One of the first steps in Insajder’s grand research is a review of all publicly released documents.

  • A state company “for its own benefit”

    Catering, rental of “other” means of land transport, adult and other education, treatments improving physical condition and mood – are these the activities that a state company founded to manage state assets should do?

  • DIPOS, squanderer of state money

    Though at first glance the operation of DIPOS seems to be related only to real-estate rental, initial investigation by has revealed that the DIPOS story goes much deeper.

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