One more hooliganism incident - What is the state waiting for? (VIDEO)

Large firecrackers, rampaging on the stands, flares thrown at the opponent's supporters, several hundred gendarmes as a buffer zone - for the who-knows-which time, these are the pictures by which an important match will be remembered - this time it was the playoff final of the basketball Superliga, between Partizan and Red Star. Experience shows that the state's retreating before the hooligans can only lead to greater tragedies.

Srđan Ilić: Neredi na kosarkaskoj utakmici finale serije Crvena Zvezda-Partizan. Foto: Srdjan Ilic
Photo: Srđan Ilić / Neredi na kosarkaskoj utakmici finale serije Crvena Zvezda-Partizan. Foto: Srdjan Ilic

It may be basketball, water polo or football - the problem of hooliganism is dominant in every popular sport in Serbia, and it very easily spills over into the streets. Every high-risk match envisages a kind of a state of emergency, hundreds of police at the venue, but also throughout the city.

The latest incident, in the "Aleksandar Nikolic" venue in the evening of June 5, came very short of becoming a brutal clash between the "supporters" of Partizan and Red Star. They were prevented by several hundred members of the Gendarmerie.

The scene in which the players continue the match as though nothing unusual had happened seemed surrealistic.

The state's retreating

Fighting, riots, burning stands, murder in a mass fight of supporters - all this happens despite the fact that Serbia has laws, because they mean nothing without the state's resolve to enforce them.

The practice is such that the state does not enforce its own anti-hooliganism laws, which clearly prohibit rampaging, flares and fighting in sports venues, as well as many other things which we see at almost every match, despite them being prohibited.

Only the state can bring laws and only the state has the strength to enforce these laws.

A question arises as to whether the recent statement of Aleksandar Vucic, who said that social consensus was needed, besides political will, for the solving of the problem of hooliganism, was actually a message that the state has no strength to enforce its own laws and that the state of law is not functioning?


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