Presidential candidate Obradovic: Serbia needs to quit the EU accession

In an interview with Insajder, Bosko Obradovic, the presidential candidate and leader of the right wing opposition party “Dveri” (Doors), said that he will not support anyone who is pro EU in case he does not pass into the second round of the elections.

Boško Obradović
Boško Obradović

Obradovic, a well-known euro skeptic and conservative politician, claims that, in Serbia, only his party is the real opposition to the ruling coalition, given that not a single member of Dveri has ever had a position in the government, unlike the other presidential candidates.

“In the second round, I could support only the real opposition to the Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic. Also, in order to support another candidate, he or she should sign Dveri’s 10-article program containing topics that are important to voters of Dveri,” Obradovic told Insajder.

The leader of Dveri claims that the ruling coalition is preparing an election fraud, and that his party will join other political opponents in the fight for fair elections.

“Fraud has been going on even before the elections. If the PM Aleksandar Vucic, who is also a presidential candidate, has 56 per cent of time on national broadcasters to present his program while the rest of us (ten candidates) have 44 per cent, what do you call that?”

“If to that time we add Aleksandar Vucic’s appearances on television programs in the role of Prime Minister, then he has 92 per cent of time in the media,” said Obradovic. He added that the elections in Serbia are far from being fair.

He also said that boycott of the elections is meaningless because not all opposition candidates would join in. There is fear, said Obradovic, that the false opposition candidates would give legitimacy to the elections in the boycott scenario.

Obradovic stated that he and his party strongly oppose Serbia’s accession to the EU, but he is keen on collaborating with the far right parties to which he refers as “the new Europe” parties.

“We want to talk to parties which will come into power after the disintegration of the EU. Dveri are against this kind of predatory and blackmailing Europe,” said Obradovic. He claims that his party and other EU far right parties are far from extremism and fascism, and that the ruling parties in the EU are actually much closer to this definition.

“People do not want to live by the rules made by some EU commissioner. We want our sovereignty back,” he added.

“National matters and democracy are equally important to Dveri. Those two cannot be separated. Instead, they should be combined so as to include fight for Kosovo, fight against crime and night demolitions in Hercegovacka street, and so on.”

Obradovic says that he has a presidential program, which will be defined by the Constitutional powers and political orientation.

“As the President of Serbia, I would limit the banks and impose an extra tax on them. The banks are plundering us and taking profit out of the country while the National Bank of Serbia stays silent,” said Boskovic.

When asked how he would achieve cohabitation with the ruling parties, Obradovic said that the Government would fall after the elections because it would also be the fall of PM Aleksandar Vucic.

“The Prime Minister has renounced the fight against crime and corruption. Since he allegedly began the fight against crime and corruption, not a single case has been closed,” stated Obradovic.

Separation of the State and the Church

“I cannot condemn any statement by the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC),” said Obradovic, claiming that the state officials should not interfere with clergy statements, even when they demonize events like “Gay Pride.”

Before becoming a political party, Dveri was an organization closely tied to the Serbian Orthodox Church, collaborating with them on numerous projects. According to Obradovic, the ties between SPC and Dveri are broken because they did not want the Church to suffer over Dveri’s political engagement.

“I will advocate against discrimination and fight for equality. However, the promotion of homosexuality to our children is out of the question. I do believe that “gay lobby” is one of the strongest in the world.

That bothers me because something that is unnatural is imposed on our children,” said Obradovic.

He added that “Gay Pride” parade is against public morality in Serbia, and that it is in fact a “gay propaganda.”

“In Serbia, everyone lives normally. Even the homosexuals are against “Gay Pride” because they do not want to be used by someone who got foreign money to make trouble in Serbia. My job is to support authentic Serbian homosexuals who do not want to be misused,” stated Obradovic.

Obradovic also said that he does not trust The Hague Tribunal and that, in his opinion, Srebrenica is a media manipulation.

Danica Vucenic

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