PM Vucic announces presidential victory, the opposition disapproves

Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic announced  victory in presidential election held on Sunday while Sasa Jankovic, the opposition candidate who came second in the run for the office will wait for the announcement of official results by the Republic Electoral Commission. 

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A joint election evaluation by the opposition presidential candidates shows that the election was conducted in an atmosphere of fear and PM Vucic’s domination on all TV stations with national coverage.

PM Vucic: I won 12 percent more than others combined

In his first address to public after the election, current PM and president elect Aleksandar Vucic sad that the new government will be formed in the next few months.

At the press conference held in Serbian Progressive Party’s (SNS) electoral headquarters, PM Vucic said wining was not easy, but the results are “clean as a whistle.”

He also announced his victory claiming that the SNS and its coalition partners counted 81 percent of ballots and that some 2 million citizens voted for him.

“Our estimation is that we won about 2,35 million votes. Pre-election conditions were not easy for us, but I still won 12 percent more votes than all the other candidates combined,” said PM Vucic.

President-elect also said that his strongest opponent in the presidential race, Sasa Jankovic, won 16.2 percent while Luka Maksimovic, also known as Whitey the Flip-flopper, came third with 9.4 percent of votes.

PM Vucic also said that citizens of Serbia voted for continuation of reforms and good relations with the PR China and the Russian Federation. He said that the election was not won with “populism, demagogy, and chauvinism” but with hard work that citizens recognized.

In his address, PM Vucic also thanked Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, his predecessor at the head of the party and the state, for supporting his candidacy, even though it was not in Nikolic’s interest. He also said the votes for “anti-system candidates” show that it is necessary to have more understanding for those people.

Candidate Jankovic: We will wait for the official election results

Presidential candidate and former Serbian Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic addressed the public at the press conference held on Sunday and said that “it may seem odd, but I have to announce the victory.”

“I am declaring the victory of decency, order, rules, and principles we advocated for. Serbia is not the same anymore,” said Jankovic.

He added that the political fight continues as of tomorrow.

“Some candidates announced their victory a bit too early, but that is their style,” said Jankovic. His election team announced that they will file criminal charges over irregularities during the election.

Leader of Dveri demands annulment of the election

Presidential candidate and leader of the right wing parliamentary party Dveri, Bosko Obradovic, announced on Sunday that he will demand annulment of the election. According to his claims, the election process was rigged.

He said that the Republic Electoral Commision’s Instruction for voting in Kosovo and Metohija is against Serbian Constitution, which is enough to annul the election and organize a new one.

Obradovic claims that it was forbidden to form Supervisory Committee of the Assembly, which could monitor regularity of the polling process. Leader of Dveri also pointed out that the Regulatory Authority for

Electronic Media (REM) refused to monitor the election despite being obliged by law to do so.

Presidential candidate PM Aleksandar Vucic won 54.9 percent of votes, stated the Belgrade based election watchdog Citizens at Watch (CRTA).
The second is Sasa Jankovic with 16.2 percent of votes, followed by Luka Maksimovic aka Whitey the Flip-flopper with 9.4 percent. The former Foreign Minister of Serbia and President of the General Assembly of the UN Vuk Jeremic won 5.8 percent.
President of the Serbian Radical Party Vojislav Seselj won 4.4 percent, Bosko Obradovic 2.3, Sasa Radulovic 1.2, Aleksandar Popovic 1.2, Milan Stamatovic 1.2, Nenad Canak 1.2, and Miroslav Parovic 0.3 percent.
According to the results shown by CRTA, turnout in the election was 54.2 percent, and 1.7 percent of ballots were invalid.


“Having in mind that the REM did not monitor the elections and, on top of that, we had no presidential debates, it is clear that instead of free election we had media torture, censorship, and media darkness created by PM Aleksandar Vucic,” said Obradovic.

Candidate Radulovic: Atmosphere of irregularities

Presidential candidate of the movement “Enough is Enough” Sasa Radulovic said that the atmosphere in the election was highly irregular, but boycott was not an option for the opposition.

“PM Vucic won somewhere between 30 and 35 percent of votes, just as we thought he would. We failed in motivating more citizens to vote,” said Radulovic.

“We are sorry that our predictions were true, but one fact remains: PM Vucic managed to get enough votes relying on bribe and fear,” said Radulovic.

Jelena Jankovic

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