Spin Doctoring with Premeditation

Balaclavas, demolition in Hercegovacka Street, Milosevic’s arrest, Milorad Ulemek “Legija” giving “exclusive” interviews from prison, a review of the proceedings for the prime minister’s murder - all this in the episode Spin Doctoring with Premeditation.


Protest held against demolition in Savamala

A protest against the demolition in Savamala in the night between April 24th and 25th, was held in front of the Belgrade City Hall, at which several thousand people rallied.

Beta: Siniša Mali

Mali: I have no comment, Teodorovic has his own opinion

Sinisa Mali didn’t want to comment today on the statement of Dusan Teodorovic, the President of the Board of SANU for High Education, that Mali’s doctoral theses is a “severe plagiarism”.

: Screenshot: B92

Nine years since the bomb attack on Anastasijevic

The bomb attack on the Dejan Anastasijevic’s apartment on this day in 2007 was one of the most serious attacks on journalists in the last 10 years and it still hasn’t been resolved. 


RTV fines its journalist for asking Vučić a question

The editor of the Belgrade office of the Radio-Television Vojvodina (RTV), Svetlana Božić Krainčanić, was fined by a decision of the director of this public media company with reduced salary.

Srđan Ilić:

Court: FHL to pay RSD 550,000 to Diković

FHL has to pay RSD 550,000 to the chief of general staff of the Army of Serbia, Gen. Ljubiša Diković, for the suffering caused to him by the publishing of untrue claims.


WikiLeaks calls for release of all Panama Papers

WikiLeaks believes that the US directly financed the "attack on Vladimir Putin" through the Panama Papers, but that the leak from Mossack Fonseca is not itself a conspiracy against Russia.


900 signatures forged on the list of the Republican Party

Among the signatures on the election list of the Republican Party, there were around 900 forgeries, but the participation is still possible, as Dejan Djurdjevic, the president of Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) stated this evening. 


Deception of the public

Tabloid magazine Srpski Telegraf published today the first article in a series announced as “exclusive”. These include findings from the report of Korac’s Board on oversights of Zoran Djindjic security, deceiving the public by presenting well-known information extracted from publically available documents as sensational discoveries.

Beta/Medija centar Beograd:

FHP report: MUP, Defense Ministry concealing war crime documents

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) and the Ministry of Defense (MO) have been stonewalling requests for access to information of public importance related to crimes committed during conflict in SFR Yugoslavia for several years.


A Bomb in Zubin Potok Sports Hall Shortly Before the Vučić’s visit

A bomb was dropped and automatic weapon gunshots were heard early today in Zubin Potok sports hall in Kosovo, where Aleksandar Vučić is expected to speak today. Three persons, currently on the run, were involved in the incident according to the prime minister.


RIK: Unified Russian Party falsifies court stamp

The Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) gave the Unified Russian Party two days to correct the irregularities on its election ticket, because of suspicions that the court stamps on the statements of 4,845 voters were falsified. 


“Political favor of MUP to SNS”

Police and firefighters appearing in official uniforms in a video for the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is political misuse for campaigning purposes, Saša Đorđević, researcher of the Belgrade Center for Security Policy, told

Screenshot Al Jazeera/N1:

Florence Hartmann arrested in The Hague

The former spokesperson of the Hague tribunal’s prosecution, Florence Hartmann, was arrested in The Hague on charges of contempt of court, ahead of the sentencing of the accused Radovan Karadžić, which she was going to attend.


Radovan Karadžić sentenced to 40 years in prison

The Hague tribunal has sentenced Radovan Karadžić to 40 years in prison, after finding him guilty of genocide in Srebrenica and of crimes against humanity against the Muslims and Croats during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Liveblog on Attacks in Brussels

Here is where you can follow the news that arrived from Belgium during the day, and those in connection with these tragic events.