Srdjan Ilic: Economy minister Goran Knezevic
26. April | Important news

Minister Knezevic: New CEOs in public companies soon

Serbian Minister of Economy Goran Knezevic announced the public companies will get professional management in the following days, which could mean that Serbia will finally begin implementing its...

20. April | Important news

Investigation on threats against a journalist

Belgrade’s Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office filed a criminal report on threats against the President of the Independent Journalist Association of Vojvodina (NDNV) Nedim Sejdinovic.

Srđan Ilić: Assembly session
19. April | Important news

Serbian Assembly Reopened

Opposition MPs in the Serbian Assembly protested over the refusal of all of their motions for the Parliament’s daily Agenda.

: Foto: Srđan Ilić
8. April | Important news

Several attempts of taking over the protests in Serbia

Theories arise on who stands “behind” the protests in Serbia, given the lack of leadership that would take over the “fame” and face the consequences for it whiles the Government and the media...

6. April | Important news

New death threats to Serbian journalists

Leadership of the Independent Journalist Association of Vojvodina (NDNV) received death threats on Wednesday after a smear campaign in pro-government tabloids.

Srđan Ilić: Members of the Serbian Radical Party on wanted list
31. March | Important news

Serbian MPs on Interpol wanted list

On the request of the Hague Tribunal, Interpol (ICTY) has put three members of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) on the red wanted list.

: Presuda
12. March | Important news

New verdict against Serbian journalists

The Belgrade Appellation Court fined the independent journalists Zoran Janic and Miroslav Bojcic for slander with 4,000 Euros, thus increasing the penalty for first instance 25 times.