Insajder in the making: MEDIA: WAR FOR TRUTH

Freedom of speech or anarchy?

What is certain is that Serbia, as well as journalism as a profession, are deeply divided on these issues. The gap is such that there is an impression that certain media exist solely to publish information favorable for the authorities, and the others - only to contest every move of the current government.

Complete anarchy has set in under the umbrella of what we call media freedom.

Why did we decide for the media to be the opening topic?

When we thought about the opening topic, the entire editorial office concurred that the first topic had to be about the media. Why? Because that is the best way to show who we are and to identify ourselves. We do not anyone to align us with "us" or "them". We are not on anyone's side. This is the topic through which we can prove best that, because the journalists of the majority of media are divided into those who are for the authorities and those who are against, in that sense, journalism had lost its meaning.

The newly adopted law on public information has been made according to all European standards. At the same time, the law is being violated by the politicians, and the media equally violate the code of the profession.

The talk about censorship is so widespread that it had become impossible to prove that it exists, even when it really happens. Self-censorship, on the other hand, is visible constantly and reporters go to news conferences mainly to fulfill the work obligation for that day. It often seems they are little more than "microphones".

In these circumstances, the matrix of the media lynch has become the most dangerous weapon in the fight against those who think differently. The tabloids are in the function of the authorities, or work against the authorities at any cost, and are run by the same people who have used ownership of the media for years as blackmailing leverage. Nowadays, they target anyone who, in this way or the other, annoy the interest groups which they work for at that time. They are prepared to do anything to discredit the individual they want to.

We believe censorship exists, but only if the editor allows it, and that self-censorship exists if the journalist allows it.

As the journalists of Insajder, we believe that the media are one of the most important issues for this society. For this reason, the topic "War for truth" will be located in the section "Insajder under construction" from now on. There, you will be able to read interviews, the latest analyses, but also everything that is important regarding the media.

In this way, we wish to remind the authorities and journalists that only responsible journalism had the strength to change the system in the interest of all citizens.

Journalist Code: "It is the obligation of the journalist to inform accurately, objectively, completely and on time, about events that are of interest for the public, while honoring the right of the public to know the truth and adhering to the fundamental standards of the journalism profession."

Has journalism truly lost its point completely ?

In the debate about the media, the basic question which the journalists should ask themselves first has been lost - am I doing my job responsibly? Will every government try to make the journalists their puppets? Of course they will! The question is, however, how the profession would respond to that.