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"Journalists Don't Crouch:" Minister indifferent to his job

Journalists gathered under initiative "Journalists Don't Crouch" issued a news release today, saying that Culture and Information Minister Ivan Tasovac “is indifferent to the job which he is paid for to do bySerbia's citizens." The release came as a comment on Tasovac's interview with portal, in which he said he has not intention of talking with the initiative representatives as he already speaks with journalists' associations. 

The initiative journalists also said that minister Tasovac's refusal to meet with them proves that he is not familiar with the situation in the media sector and is unconcerned with the job he is paid to discharge bySerbia's citizens.

On February 26, the initiative submitted to the ministry a request for a meeting with Tasovac, saying that he, as line minister, is most responsibility for the poor condition of media outlets and that he should as soon as possible schedule a meeting with a delegation of the initiative, which would comprise eight journalists from across Serbia. 

In the interview with portal yesterday, Tasovac said that the initiative is "a performance which he wants no involvement in and has no intention of meeting with their delegation as he already speaks with journalists' associations, which, according to him, are legitimate representatives." 

"Thereby, the minister, atop the lack of basic manners considering that the ministry has not provided any reply to the initiative's request for meeting the minister until today, also demonstrated absolute ignorance of the situation in the media domain and the position of journalists in Serbia, as well as the indifference to the job he is paid to discharge by Serbia's citizen. We refrain from taking any guesses as whether it is incompetence or cowardice behind the minister's indifference," the release said. 

The initiative recalled that a month ago, it submitted a request to the Serbian government aimed at improving the position of the media sector employees, noting that the cabinet has showed no interest in learning more about the problems they listed. 

"If anything resembles a performance, then it is the privatization of media outlets by party officials, closed museums and even the behavior of Ivan Tasovac. From him, we did not request a performance, but an answer to a simple question: What was he doing during his term in office about the job he was paid for," initiative "Journalists Don't Crouch" said. 

The release further said the initiative hopes that "someone so incompetent and indifferent" will never again hold such an important state post and that a next culture and information minister will demonstrate more interest in media outlets and journalists.  

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Commenting on a request by initiative "Journalists Don't Crouch" during the interview with, Tasovac said that everything turned into a performance, when journalists assembled under the initiative first issued a release saying they will submit a meeting request to him, but later they showed up with cameras to hand him the request.

"I do not see a single reason to meet with them, considering that I already talk with their legitimate representatives, journalists' associations. At this moment, we have way too many serious affairs to be involved in a performance," Ivan Tasovac noted.