Movement “Enough is Enough” is going to file criminal charges over election irregularities

Movement “Enough is Enough” announced they will file criminal charges over “the election fraud” in the presidential election.

Presidential election 2017. Foto: Srdjan Ilic
Presidential election 2017. Foto: Srdjan Ilic

Representative of the movement in the Republic Election Committee (REC), Ivan Ninic, told Insajder on Monday that “Enough is Enough” is going to file criminal charges over “falsifying signatures on the election records and stealing votes” in polling stations in Sjenica.

According to his claims, the movement had insight into the election material in Sjenica, which has shown that even the people who were not in Serbia on the election day voted in this city.

“Only later we noticed in the election records that some people had voted in Sjenica while being abroad. We managed to get in touch with three people who “voted” in Sjenica, and they confirmed they were in PR China, Denmark, and Croatia,” said Ninic.

In presidential election in Serbia held on 2nd April, the current Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has won around 55 percent of the popular vote. However, the opposition claims that the election was conducted in the atmosphere of media blackout, and that irregularities were noted at numerous polling stations.

Ninic said that the representatives of “Enough is Enough” movement could not take the photographs of the disputed election material, but they will try to obtain it by making an appeal to the Commissioner for Information of the Public Importance Rodoljub Sabic.

“We will make an appeal to the Commissioner. He has the authority to compare the data from the election records with the data of the Border Police. This will definitely confirm that these people crossed the border and have not returned to Serbia on the election day. This will be proof that their signatures were forged and their votes stolen,” said Ninic.

The opposition's representatives in the REC proposed opening of the ballot bags from Sjenica. The proposition was dismissed in the REC session held on Sunday.

Jelena Jankovic


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