Investigation on threats against a journalist

Belgrade’s Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office filed a criminal report on threats against the President of the Independent Journalist Association of Vojvodina (NDNV) Nedim Sejdinovic.

Belgrade Media Center: President of the NDNV Nedim Sejdinovic
Photo: Belgrade Media Center / President of the NDNV Nedim Sejdinovic

The Prosecutor’s Office started an investigation on Thursday, over threats that Nedim Sejdinovic, the President of the NDNV, received via Facebook.

Sejdinovic told Insajder that he has received over a hundred of messages via Facebook in the past five days containing threats and insults. He considers over 50 messages a direct threat, but he reported 15 of them. The Prosecutor’s Office decided that two of those threats are serious and endangering. As for the rest, the Office advised Sejdinovic to file a civil lawsuit.

“I will file a complaint to this finding of the Prosecution because I consider all 15 messages endangering and serious. At this moment, I will not initiate a civil lawsuit against the others,” said Sejdinovic.

When asked if he feels threatened, Sejdinovic said he is “certainly not at ease,” and the “action” of sending threat messages seems highly organized to him.

“However, I am not intimidated, I will continue working as usual,” he said.

While commenting the reaction of the Police and the Prosecution, Sejdimovic said that the state should react on every attempt of intimidation against journalists. Otherwise, the impression could be that the state approves or even supports cases of threats.

“In this case, the reaction was fast and encouraging. I do hope that the authorities will continue responding efficiently in the future,” Sejdinovic said.
Sejdinovic added he does not know personally any of the people who threatened him.

The President of Journalists Association started receiving threats after he had published a photograph of yellow duck on Good Friday, congratulating the Holiday to those who celebrate.

The Yellow Duck is the symbol of long-lasting protests against the project Belgrade Waterfront.

Dijana Babic

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