Protest "Against the Dictatorship” supports the Initiative “Let’s Not Drown Belgrade”

Representatives of the student protesters, who have been rallying against the Serbian Government for 20 days, stated on Monday that they will support the protest against the Belgrade Waterfront project.

Srdjan Ilic: Protests against Belgrade Waterfront Project
Photo: Srdjan Ilic / Protests against Belgrade Waterfront Project

On Tuesday, the students will join the Initiative “Let’s not drown Belgrade” for the demonstrations against the project Belgrade Waterfront and the night demolitions in Hercegovacka Street.

“The Initiative “Let’s not drown Belgrade” emphasizes the importance of finding those responsible for several criminal acts such as the demolition of objects and the tying up of citizens in Hercegovacka Street.

Also, it is necessary to stop the urban planning fraud in which public money is used for the profit of the ruling financial-political elite,” reads the statement of the movement “Against dictatorship,” calling the citizens to join the protest.

On Tuesday, on the anniversary of night demolition in Hercegovacka street, the Initiative “Let’s not drown Belgrade” will organize a protest to “commemorate” the anniversary.

A year ago, in the night between 24 and 25 April 2016, a group of masked men illegally demolished privately owned objects in Hercegovacka Street with bulldozers. During this “action,” the masked group prevented the citizens who happen to be there from taking photos, and restricted their movement.

The citizens called the police, but the police did not respond. The investigation of this case has not yet been launched. 

Demonstrations under the slogan “Against the Dictatorship” started on 3 April, a day after the presidential election. In almost all major Serbian cities, unsatisfied citizens protest daily against the unfair pre-election campaign and general conditions in Serbian society. Most of the protesters are students.

According to Insajder's investigation, and based on numerous questions we have asked the relevant authorities in the past year, the conclusion is that the investigation is at a standstill because the police do not submit the information and evidence to the Prosecution.

At the same time, the Prosecution does nothing that is in accordance with the statutory authority to force the police to cooperate. So far, all the facts indicate that the night demolition in Hercegovacka Street would not be possible without at least the tacit consent of the state.

Jelena Jankovic

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