More bulldozers in Hercegovacka Street - City orders clear-up (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Bulldozers have been spotted in Hercegovacka Street, where unknown persons demolished several buildings in the election night, after the City of Belgrade ordered the clearing up of the lot in question.

Mina Milanović:
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Twelve days after a group of people, who have not yet been identified, demolished several buildings, bulldozers were once again spotted in Hercegovacka Street - this time by orders of the City of Belgrade, which gave the instructions for the lot to be cleared up.

The clear-up was performed by the crews of the Beograd Put road management company and the Gradska Cistoca city waste utility.

Attorney of ISKRA: Their crew acted without demolition orders

Ana Mitic, the attorney of the ISKRA company, told that the crew which came to clear up the lot had no orders. In her words, only later did the representatives of the City present the decision of the Secretariat.

"Moreover, the decision has not been made out to the names of the owners of the facilities; because of that, our appeal (to the demolition) will most probably be rejected," Mitic added.

The ISKRA company had a total of 14 facilities on the lot which was demolished.

"Some of them have been legalized, while others were in the process of legalization, as is the case with half of Belgrade," Ana Mitic added.

The buildings in Hercegovacka Street and under the Gazela Bridge were demolished in the election night, between April 24th and 25th.

According to eyewitnesses and owners of the buildings, the demolition was performed with three bulldozers, with assistance of some three dozen masked men wearing balaclavas, armed with baseball bats.

In the morning of May 6th, the owners and their attorneys were presented with the copy of the decision of the Secretariat for Inspection Affairs of the City of Belgrade, which has ordered the Directorate for Property of the Republic of Serbia to clear up the lot where the demolished buildings used to stand.

Mayor Sinisa Mali told that the City was clearing the lot up upon the orders of the Secretariat. The mayor explained that, on the basis of a report submitted to Beokom, the city's service for communication and coordination of relations with the public , the Community Inspection ordered that the rubble is taken away and the lot cleared up.

"The City's activities are in connection with its obligations towards the Community Inspection. The Secretariat for Inspection Affairs has ordered the removing of communal waste and the clearing up of that location, which otherwise belongs to the City of Belgrade. You keep forgetting that those facilities have been built without a license," Mali said.

The decision of the Secretariat, issued on May 6th, reads that the deadline for its execution, that is the clearing up of the lot, was three days and that an appeal to the decision would not postpone it.

According to the attorneys and the owners, the bulldozers arrived in Hercegovacka Street in the morning of May 6th at about 7:30 and soon started to clear up the lot where the demolished buildings used to stand.

Vladimir Markovic, the director of the Transport Peroni company, whose facilities were also demolished, told that the representatives of the city authorities told him on May 6th that the police had investigated the scene, but that his company had not received the written record about it.

"When we were handed the City's orders on the clear-up, we were told that the police had investigated the scene. However, we have received no written record of that investigation," Markovic stated.

Markovic also said that he had warned the community inspectors and representatives of the City that, by clearing the lot up, they were destroying evidence.

Since the public has not been informed about this, has asked the Serbian Interior Ministry for information about the time when the police investigated the site in Hercegovacka Street and what they had done to discover those responsible for the demolition. There has been no answer.

The representative of the City of Belgrade whom we encountered on the site did not wish to say anything, explaining that he had no authorization to give statements.

Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic has announced that he would publish the report about the control he had carried out regarding the incident, on Monday, May 9th.


Photo: Vuk Bjelovuk

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