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DIPOS - squanderer of state money

Though at first glance the operation of DIPOS seems to be related only to real-estate rental, initial investigation by has revealed that the DIPOS story goes much deeper.

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Elections 2016

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić announced the holding of elections at the session of the Serbian Progressive Party's Steering Committee on January 17th, for which he received a several minutes long thunderous applause. Since then, there has been speculation about the date of the start of the campaign and about whether the elections were necessary, while the opposition negotiated without success about the joint participation in the elections. Officially, the election campaign began on March 4th, when the Serbian president signed the decree on the dissolution of the parliament. The elections are scheduled for April 24th.

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Media: War for truth

The media are censored, the power centers from the world of politics and business pull all the strings in media production, journalists cannot do their job, they are prohibited from publishing facts about the authorities' mistakes. The situation in the media in Serbia is worse than ever. Sounds familiar? Is this the true picture of the media in Serbia in 2016?

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Refugees on horror route

Europe is declaratively ready to protect the refugees and offer them asylum. However, the truth is just the opposite. Borders are being closed, fences and walls built, with the passage being restricted. 

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