Insajder series

Full stop

Controlled media and uninformed citizens make it easier to govern. Economically blackmailed, and politically potentially powerful, they often make interest groups. For the same reasons, they often switch sides and easily take up the role of mouthpieces destroying anyone who becomes the thorn in the side of the owners or the government. Therefore, media freedom must be important to the citizens and not only to journalists. It’s time to put a full stop.


2020Series launched


The privatisation of PKB — at one time a European agricultural powerhouse — came to completion inthe second half of 2018 with the sale of the company’s assets.After privatising PKB, the Arab company Al Dahra came to own around 42,000 acres of agricultural landin Belgrade and Serbia. The size of the acreage is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that the widerBelgrade area is spread over around 86,000 acres.

2019Series launched

Scam of the century

Series of four episodes discovered one of the biggest embezzlements taking place in the coalmine Kolubara, a part of Serbian largest public Energy Enterprise - EPS. Crucial evidence was shown, responsible officials from coal mine and representatives from competent state authorities that allowed such crime and budget looting were named. After the broadcast more than 30 people were arrested, but four years later - there are still no indictments by the Court.


2011Series launched

(Im)potent state

Series of three episodes on the football hooligans in which we presented who are they, in what processes are they involved and who is protecting them. After broadcasts few hooligans were arrested, but not for the many crimes presented in the series, but for threatening the author of Insajder


2009Series launched

Abuse of Office

In this series we discovered how abuse of city and state institutions brought decrees and laws suited only for certain business elites, how state and city budgets were ruined and how these actions led ‘construction mafia’ to flourish. Many evidence revealed how state representatives gifted businessman the most attractive pieces of the real estate.  The estimated loss from these arrangements costed citizens of Serbia app 2 billion euros. 


2009Series launched

The Rules of the Game

Series of six episodes described in full how football mafia operates, how state budget was ripped of, how club managers and politicians were involved, how ordinary criminals became football managers and how it is possible to have two different contracts for the same player. 


2008Series launched

Offical secret

Power, position, money, interest or individual personal vengeance were sufficient reasons for the state to decide, aided by secret services, who will live and who will die, for one whole decade. The regime’s political opponents were eliminated in the cruelest ways, and in the name of the state interests, they robed, smuggled and acquired wealth.


2008Series launched