18. April | In Focus

Is Minister Vuling ignoring the Law?

Serbian Minister of Labour and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin announced on Monday that, at the Government session, he will propose the dismissal of the key people in Radio Television of Serbia...

Srđan Ilić: Jedan od
12. April | In Focus

Protests in Serbia: Day 10

Thousands of citizens continue to protest in cities across Serbia, demanding more democracy in Serbian society and the end of austerity measures.

: Izbori, ilustracija / Foto: Srđan Ilic
23. March | In Focus

Physical violence in times of the election campaigns

Unsolved cases of beaten political activists and officials, which occurred mostly at the municipal level, show that all means of fight are allowed during the election campaigns in Serbia.

22. March | In Focus

Serbia's attempt at de-radicalization

Islamic youth organisations are legal and numerous in Serbia, but according to Insajder’s investigation, some of them are just a cover for recruitment of fighters who are ready to die for the...

: Foto: Srđan Ilić
9. March | In Focus

REC: Still without the decision on voting in Kosovo

The Republic Electoral Commission of Serbia did not create a model by which the presidential elections will be held in Kosovo, while repeating the previous model would be against the Serbian law.