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"There are boundaries that cannot be crossed, that is where Insajder begins“, is our famous slogan that we continue to justify in the 18th year of our existence, with our proffesionalism in which the audience has proven to belive in.

We entered adulthood and a new phase of development with an even more ambitious project, the creaton of Insider Media Hub, a multimedia platform that includes Insider cable TV channel, insajder.net portal and the developmet of new different media platforms.

Objective and impartial journalism – that is the essence of editorial policy since the founding of Insajder, which is still led by Brankica Stanković, one of the most famous and most awarded journalists in the country and entire region. 

Our impressive portfolio of more than 300 research stories backed by over 1000 pieces of evidence, the Insider team continues to enrich with the production of new content for Insajder TV, the Insider.net portal and other media platforms.

Insajder television is now at our center. It is a 24/7 specialized channel that consists of mostly factual program, predominantly focused on real life. Most of the programs are therefore current, infomative and documentary, and include original formats of our television as well as  domestic, regional and foreign production of the highest quality.

The carefully selected documentary program contains programs from the world’s most renowned televisions and productions (from the BBC, to American, French, German, Australian televisions and productions – from all over the world).

At Insajder Television, a top team of media proffesionals continue to raise standards and contribute to the realisation of the public interest and the creation of a more democratic, creative and better society.

That is why we say – JUST WATCH US.

Insajder Television core team

Brankica Stanković, editor-in-chief, author of TV program Insider. 

From 1997 to 2015, employed with TV B92, which aired Insider. Started journalism career at TV Studio B in 1996, as an intern for a year. Then transfers to Radio B92, spending four years as an on-the-scene reporter, before becoming editor of main news program Dnevnik and one of editors of weekly programs Jutopija and Apatrija. Worked as a correspondent for Swedish Radio and German WDR. In the meantime, completed several international schools of investigative journalism. Most precious lessons learned from her colleagues, who were “top-notch” journalists at the time she was starting out. The most valuable schools for making success, which Insider has attained, include an investigative journalism training of British Foundation Thomson, and an intense professional journalism program, organized by the Washington-based International Center for Journalists. As TV B92 provided constant trainings for its crew, Insider’s journalists have attended a course conducted by BBC’s investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre, as well as several TV courses with BBC and IREX.

The laureate of more than 15 domestic and international recognitions and awards (see under Awards & Recognitions

In 2008, the British Council, under its project “Serbia: My Case,” named Brankica Stanković one of five future young leaders of Europe. In 2010, the OSCE, then gathering 56 member states, decided to make an exception and unlike previous years, when several individuals were awardees, presented the award only to Brankica Stanković. The only journalist in the Balkans featured in renowned British magazine Monocle. A Norwegian-Danish production has made documentaries about six individuals from across the globe deemed as the greatest freedom-fighters. The documentary about Brankica Stanković was aired on state broadcasters in the Scandinavian countries. 

Organization Reporters Without Borders has included Brankica Stanković among 100 information heroes and 10 most inspirational women journalists in the world. Also, the laureate of the 2014 Courage in Journalism Award, handed out by the International Women’s Media Foundation, honoring women journalists who set themselves apart by their extraordinary bravery. Stanković was presented the award at events in New York and Los Angeles. Shortly before the award events, American actress Olivia Wilde wrote a feature about Insider’s author Brankica Stanković, for prestigious Glamour magazine. Wilde is the daughter of renowned journalists Andrew Cockburn and Leslie Cockburn, the latter also the producer of American newsmagazine TV program 60 Minutes. Wilde, among other things, wrote: “unbending investigations of Stanković in Serbian TV program Insider have disclosed corruption in politics so strongly that assassins have pounced on her, but it did not stop her.” 

Brankica says all recognitions are equally important to her, but that she would not have won them without a team of people working with her on every episode. She insists that investigative journalism must rely on teamwork.  

As the result of the affairs she has tackled in TV program Insider, (see Results), she has been under police protection since 2009.

She has several times requested police protection be revoked, but every time she was given the explanation that the state must not allow for anything to happen to her. All about her safety which she could not reveal for years, she unveiled in book “Insider, My Story,” published in 2013.  

The end of the book’s last chapter actually marked the beginning of something new in personal and professional life. The team of journalists that worked with Brankica for TV B92, where they were employed for many years, has transferred to her privately-run production. The ranks are now enforced by some “new blood.” Despite everything that has happened to her, Brankica insists that it is the right moment for a fresh start. Asked about where she gets all that strength and energy from, she says: “Every single moment I am aware that life has no replay and that everything I can do is now, in this lifetime.”   

Miodrag Čvorović - Insider production director

Co-founder, together with Brankica Stanković of Insider production and producer of TV program Insider since its inception. They went on their first joint “assignment” by pure coincidence back in 2003. They worked on feature “Tracing Ratko Mladić” which has been included among top 10 world programs at a festival in Berlin. Since, Brankica and Miša have been a team. Miša’s engagement as producer made considerable contribution to Insider, earning a reputation and hitting extremely high TV ratings. Before Insider, he worked as producer for a number of world media outlets. Some ten years, he spent with ABC NEWS. The documentaries he was engaged have won two Emmy Awards and one DuPont Award. His crew is never late for either filming or meetings.

Irena Stević – editor/journalist

In September 2010, left Radio B92 newsroom to join Insider, which was at the time growing larges in what was Brankica Stanković’s response to the state’s decision to give her 24/7 protection. After spending seven years with, she says, beautiful people at B92 and Radio Beograd 202, she was ready for a new challenge, posed by Insider. Yet, Insider also meant a completely different type of journalism. Despite of her long journalism experience, many things had to be learned from the beginning, she says.

Irena still remembers her fist assignment for Insider: “It was not long after my transfer to Insider was agreed in principal, when the landline phone at Radio B92’s newsroom rang, while I was preparing morning news. It was 8 pm. Straight to the point, Brankica asked me whether I wanted to travel to Zagreb the day after tomorrow to do interviews about the runaway members of criminal gang called Zemun Clan, who on that day uncovered their whereabouts with their involvement in a gunfight. I knew that it was time to be brave, that it was that “big chance” in life and that I will forget about work hours.” What followed were series “The Scam of the Century” about coal mining complex Kolubara, privatization of oil and gas company NIS…  For her extreme sense of responsibility and constant pressure of not making accidental mistakes when investigating major stories, after several months of work on some topic, Irena can often be heard saying: “I cannot do this or that,” or “I don’t know how to do this.” Eventually, she finishes everything and is one the Insider journalists with greatest capacity to agitate interviewees. She is rejoicing the opportunity to, along with the best in her profession, be involved in pushing the borders and does not have the slightest doubt in Insajder TV making success.

Senka Vlatković Odavić – editor/ journalist

„Officially“ she has been a member of the Insider since 2013, and unofficially an associate member for years before that. She has been with Insajder Production since the begining of 2015. She has also worked as a journalist, author and daliy editor on the Insider.net website. She hosted the Insider Debate, the first debate show in which, after several years government officials agreed to confront their views with the opposition and civil society on the most important issues for citizens. As a member of the Insider editorial board, she researched secret weapons deals, secrets behind the managment of the Corona virus epidemic, the background of the assassinationn of Prime Minister Zoran Djindjić, the murders of journalist, but also undiscovered war crimes.

Before joining Insajder team she worked as a journlist of B92’s newsroom for more than 10 years. Her first work day on TV was on March 12, 2012, so the assasination of the Serbian prime minister, she says, destined her to discovering evidence of interconnections of organized crime and state structures. 

She is regarded as “the legal expert“ on the Insider team. Senka is a person who is awake round-the-clock and always ready to explain everything in detail to all. A mother of two boys, who, atop her numerous daily chores, manages to excel in her job at Insider. 

Mina Milanović – journalist

Joined Insider at the end of her studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences. Became a member of, she says, the best team of journalists in the city, where she has learned “how professional journalism should be.“ If she were not a journalist of Insider, she would probably be a scientis as while in high school, she used to spend her summer holidays at Petnica Science Center. Her affinity for researching she has combined with journalism. Regarded as the biggest optimists on the team. 

Branko Veselinović – journalist/host

He started his television career 20 years ago on BK TV, as a journalist and host of the central news program „Telefakt“. At the same time, he was one of the co-authors and hosts of the show „Crosswords“ (Ukrštene reči) – a daily news program about the events in the region.

At the invitation of Aleksandar Tijanić, in 2006 he transferred to the Radio Television of Serbia. During 15 years there, he worked in the most watched TV formats – Morning program and News, but also entertainment programs, where his guests were almost all relevant interlocutors from the political, cultural and public scene. 

In 2012/2013 he received a Fulbright Hubert H. Humprey Fellowship, and studied at the Walter Cronkite Scholl of Journalism and Mass Communication (Arizona State University) and NBC in New York. 

During his career, he received „Press Vitez - Mića Orlović“ and „Captain Miša Anastasijević“ awards.

His professional experience he shares as one of the lecturers at the Shool of Journalism of the Association of Journalists of Serbia, where he teaches students the basics of public speaking. 

Jugoslav Ćosić – journalist/host/editor

One of the most prominent journalists in Serbia and the region, who hosts the show “Interview” now on Insajder Television, continuing his recognizable style of confrontational interviews with an investigative approach in the best hard talk tradition. LINK 

He was part of the team that started TV N1 and its program director and host of the show “Pressing”. 

He began his journalistic career in the student radio program Index 202, as the author of numerous texts and series of the legendary Index Radio Theater. After the Index, he worked as a reporter and journalist for the Second Program of Radio Belgrade, MCRA Radio in Sydney and Politika Television. In 1999 and 2000, during and after the NATO bombardment of Serbia, he reported for Radio Free Europe. He also left a significant mark on B92 TV as the author and host of several shows.

He is the author of television shows: Polygraph, Between the Lines (Izmedju redova), Between Two Fires (Izmedju dve vatre), Pressing.

Jugoslav Ćosić has lived in Australia for several years and is the author of a travel book about Australia: Time of Dreams -Terra Incognita.

He is the winner of the Ricardo Ortega, Milan Pantić and Stanislav Staša Marinković journalism awards.

Tamara Pupovacjournalist/host/editor

TV Insider journalist, editor and host of the show “Domination”. She started her fruitful journalistic career on Radio Belgrade in famous youth show “Noone like me” (“Niko kao ja”), from where she moved to Radio Politika where she was the author of the show “Rareview mirror” (“Retrovizor”). She also worked as a correspondent for the WDR and the BBC, and for more than 10 years she was a journalist and editor of Radio B92, where she edited the cult shows “Yutopia”, “Interview of the Day” and Dnevnik B92. Tamara is also the author of the film “Nobody’s People” (Ničiji ljudi) about the life of refugees in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia.

During the period when she was not in media, she dealt with public relations in the state administration and, within various international projects, participated in programs to strengthen the communication capacities of the public administration system.

As a consultant and media expert, she was engaged in projects of international organizations that dealt with the media, social protection, and children’s rights, and as a lecturer at many seminars and in schools for journalism.

At the Faculty of media and Communications, she worked as the director of the Center for Media Studies and a teacher in journalism and communication courses. She is also the director of the Tanja Petrović Foundation.

Tamara graduated with master’s degree in communication science studies.

Jelena Janković – A journalist of Insider since 2015. While still a student of journalism, published articles in magazine Status. After graduation, worked for RTV B92 from 2005 to 2015, as author and host of several radio programs, member of music and culture team at Radio B92, associate journalist of B92’s newsroom and website. Taught that “silence is unacceptable on air, while journalists’ duty is to ask questions without scruples.”

Suzana Trninićjournalist/host/editor

Insajder TV journalist, editor and host of the show “Insajder Debate”

She started working as a journalist while still studying at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade. She gained experience in independent media, working with top editors from the daily “Demokratija”, through the News Agency “Beta”, to Radio B92, and the Television B92. She was a reporter on the most dramatic events in Serbia’s recent history during the 1990s and early 2000s – from civil and student protests over election theft in 1996/97, the October 5 uprising, the extradition of Slobodan Milosevic to The Hague, and the assassination of Prime Minister Zoran Djindjić.

As an accredited reporter from the Serbian Parliament, she contributed to the changes to the Family Law, reported on changes to the Constitution, as well as dozen of changes and draft laws after the breakup of the FRY and the declaration of independence of the Republic of Serbia.

In her long career as a political reporter, she hosted the election show “Decision” (Odluka) on B92 Television and was one of the editors and host of the cult show “Index finger” (“Kažiprst”), which was broadcasted on TV B92. For a short time, she also worked at Prva TV, as the editor and host of the show “Answer” (Odgovor).

She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, Department of Journalism and Communication. She previously graduated from the Teachers’ College in Šabac.

In recent years, she has been directing her career and acquired knowledge in the field of media, in working with students of journalism, as well as in training for public appearances, as a media expert.

She is the winner of the award of the magazine “Status” for the Journalist of the Year in 2012, which is awarded by fellow journalist.

Igor Karanov - journalist/host/editor

(1972 – 2022)

Karanov transferred the knowledge and experience gained during his two-decade journalistic work in various media to different genres and to Insajder TV.

In the role of host, viewers watched him in the show “A Story about a Story”(Priča o priči) , which, analyzing the topics of the best documentaries, gave a new perspective on various situations in the modern world – from geopolitics to specific stories of people from different meridians.

He certainly had a rich experience in a number of print and online media in which he worked – from Novi Sad’s “Dnevnik”, “Blic”, daily ”Nova”, through the magazines Svet, Puls, Profil, Ekskluziv, Grolia, Playboy, Hello!, ELLE, Story and to the “Pulse Online” portal and the IGN Adria website.

Many also liked Igor’s blog, which he wrote on the AllMe Facebook page.

In addition, as an external associate, Igor also wrote texts and interviews for numerous magazines such as Newsweek, Vodic, FHM, CKM and others.

For “A Century Without Anyone”, one of his three books of poetry Karanov received “Matić’s Scarf” award. He also published the novel “Diary of a Ruler”.

Jovana Gligorijević – journalist/host/editor

editor and host of the show “Taboo”

She started working as a journalist in high school on Radio Kragujevac. Arriving in Belgrade to study philosophy, in 2002 she started working as a journalist for the weekly “Vreme” (Time), where in 2014 she became an assistant editor-in-chief. 

One of the founders of the group “Journalists against violence against women”, whose goal is to improve the quality of reporting on gender-based violence. Jovana specialized in reporting on sexual violence and the concept of trauma of informed journalism, which is still in its very beginning in Serbia. She is the co-author of the Guidelines for Media Reporting on Gender-Based Violence.

Since 2017, she has also been working as a media educator at the Deutche Welle Academy, where she underwent a three-year training to work with youth media. She is the author of the manual for teaching media literacy, published by Deutche Welle Academy and the Media Association, intended for teachers in secondary and primary schools in Serbia.

She is a national media expert for reporting on violence against women and children at the United Nations Development Program in Serbia. Within this role, she designed four modules of journalistic training for reporting on violence against women and children victims of gender and domestic violence.

She won the first prize in the category of print media of the OSCE and the Commissioner for Equality, for reporting on the judicial treatment of rape victims in Serbia and several awards for ethical reporting on mental health.

Tamara Marković Subotajournalist/editor

TV Insajder journalist, primarily in charge of justice, security and research on organized crime, which marked her two decades of experience in the media.

On the Insajder TV Chanel, she is a part of the research-documentary team that also creates the show “Case” (Slučaj), dedicated to criminal cases that have remained controversial or unresolved due to the omissions of the competent state institutions.

During her 20-year long career, Tamara worked in numerous media, from the local TV Mladenovac, to “Blic”, where she worked until 2017, and the weekly “Express”, from which she joined TV Insajder in April 2020.

She has been dealing with cases of organized crime since the “Saber” (Sablja) operation and the arrest of the members of Zemun clan. Since then, she has exposed numerous activities of criminal clans, especially those who play a leading role in international cocaine smuggling, as well as those who were the organizers of crimes in order to take over from other criminal groups. Due to these research and media texts, Tamara was under police protection for almost four years, and she testified about her security threat in the documentary film “By force on the seventh” (Silom na sedmu).

Ivana Stojanović – journalist

Insajder TV journalist and member of the Insajder team since 2018.

She graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences. She first covered topics in the field of popular culture and wrote for the Cultivate Yourself portal. 

As an associate on the show “Answer” (Odgovor) on TV Prva, she covered socio-political topics, and oversaw preparing various articles, as well as content for social networks.

By coming to Insajder, she made a significant contribution to strengthening the Insajder.net portal, for which she created different written and video content.

She participated in the production of Insajder’s shows: Insajder Debate, A week under Insider’s Magnifying Glass (Nedelja pod lupom Insajdera) and Little Big Stories (Male velike priče).

Sandra Mandićjournalist/editor

Editor of the documentary-informative series “Little Big Stories” (Male velike priče) on TV Insajder, journalist and author of numerous documentary-informative shows. She is a graduated director of documentaries and feature films, and has a master degree in multimedia.

She has always focused on social issues, human rights and marginalized groups. 

She worked at Ekonomist magazine, in the newsroom of Radio B92 since 2001, and later TV B92, where she was the author of the series “B92 Investigates” and “REakcija” until 2011.

She has won several awards, including the Gold Medal in the category of young journalist - Press Knight for the show “Prostitution: work or hell”; NUNS Award for Investigative Journalism for the series “Secret of the Yellow House” broadcast as part of “Reaction”; Bronze Charter for Television Reporting “I, a Woman from the Village”, International Reporting Festival, Sombor; Annual and Media Award for Tolerance of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and the OSCE for the documentary – report “PozHIVtivan”, Vice Serbia.

She is the author of an interactive documentary website about Roma women – supported by the Reconstruction Women’s Fund, with which she worked from 2017 to April 2019 on the UPDATE project, media education of Roma women’s organizations in Serbia for quality representation on social networks.

She started her own production in 2013 and worked on many projects in the country and abroad. She has participated in numerous workshops and panels and as a lecturer, primarily dealing with topics of domestic violence, the position of women in media, gender sensitive media research, combating sexual and gender-based violence, as well as workshops for Roma women’s NGOs.

Ivana Atanacković – journalist

After completing her master’s degree in journalism at the Faculty of Political Science, her professional beginning starts in the Production Group Network. She has been awarded many times at student competitions, and developed her dedication and analytical approach as an teaching assistant in TV journalism and Investigative TV journalism at her faculty (FPS) and as the editor of the student show Public defence (Javna odbrana).

She gained television experience within the Scientific Program of the Radio Television of Serbia, where she participated in the creation of the show “Scientific Portal”, in which she was also the host. At the same time, through her project within CEPROM, she writes texts that point to some of the most important topics in the field of media literacy, such as the presence and consequences of sensationalist narrative, hate speech, and the importance of digital literacy.

She comes to the Insajder team convinced that this is the newsroom in which she will be able to achieve her goal – dealing with completely free and professional journalism.

Djordje Jokić – journalist

His love for information disclosure and sports determined that he has mostly dealt with sports journalism and info – political contents in his journalistic work so far.

He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences and worked as a student at the Sportindeks and later at the Sports Journal. He conducted numerous interviews, discovered the field of student sports in Serbia and the world, and introduced readers to the interesting facts and achievements of lesser-known sports.

He then goes to Prva TV, where he participated in preparations of the series of shows “Answer” by Suzana Trninić, which dealt with various current social events and phenomena.

As a journalist for the newsrooms of TV Prva and O2, he participates in the production of central news programs, covering topics from ecology, politics and sports. He attended specialist journalism courses, because he believes that every profession requires constant increase of knowledge, development of skills and understanding of new technological tendencies.