Vuk Bjelovuk:
Insajder in the making


The media are censored, the power centers from the world of politics and business pull all the strings in media production, journalists cannot do their job, they are prohibited from publishing facts about the authorities' mistakes. The situation in the media in Serbia is worse than ever. Sounds familiar? Is this the true picture of the media in Serbia in 2016?

Series launched2016

  • Biggest looting of Serbia went via off-shore firms

    The global affair called Panama Papers could easily grow into a worldwide scandal, in the context of journalism on the global level.

  • Journalist solidarity in action

    In light of this conspicuous silence, we called the editors of influential media on March 18. You can read their responses below.


  • "Journalists Don't Crouch:" Minister indifferent to his job

    Journalists gathered under initiative "Journalists Don't Crouch" issued a news release today, saying that Culture and Information Minister Ivan Tasovac “is indifferent to the job which he is paid for to do bySerbia's citizens."

  • Tasovac: I am neither a patriarch, nor Mussolini

    Tasovac stresses that he does not insist that everything started off perfectly in the media domain since he assumed office, but says he has had "enough of those whining that it has never been worse."

  • Freedom of speech or anarchy?

    What is certain is that Serbia, as well as journalism as a profession, are deeply divided on these issues.