President-elect Vucic: The President is the one chosen by the people not by the Electoral Committee

Serbian President-elect and current Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday that his political opponents are pressuring the Republic Electoral Committee (REC) to change people’s will.

Srđan Ilić: Aleksandar Vučić
Photo: Srđan Ilić / Aleksandar Vučić

“One can only laugh. They [the opposition] think it is possible to change the will of the people by a politicans’ decision. I am not sure where they get such ideas. If that were the case, the President would be the one chosen by the REC and not by the people, which is ridiculous,” said PM Vucic.

Some of the opposition leaders claim that the results of presidential election held on 2nd April can be rejected by the Republic Election Committee (REC). The REC, in charge of the elections in Serbia, has the authority to monitor the elections, count the ballots, and accept or deny results of the elections.

Decisions in the REC are made by voting of its members are representatives of political parties.

Protesters in Serbia, who have been protesting daily since 3rd April, demand resignations of all members of the REC.

On Thursday, the REC appointed Borislav Mitrovic as a member of this body. Mitrovic represents the group of citizens “For healthy Serbia-Milan Stamatovic.” The opposition announced that their representatives in the REC will not vote for accepting the results of the presidential election because they consider the election was far from fair and democratic.

Mitrovic’s vote in the REC is crucial. If he votes for the acceptance of election results, there will be enough votes in the REC to declare Vucic’s victory in the presidential election.

Mina Milanovic

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