A marine arrested in Serbia is an associate at Clinton’s special assistant’s firm?

According to Insajder’s research, American citizen that was arrested in Belgrade a couple of days ago, is Daniel Corbett, former U.S. marine, member of the elite force Navy SEAL. As per all the information that Insajder’s journalists came by, that is the same person employed in an American firm Raven Military. Co-owner of the firm is Jay Footlik, who was a special assistant of a former U.S. president, Bill Clinton.

Raven Military firm had an official website until yesterday, and was shut down after they have been contacted by journalists.

The website currently looks like this.

However, we kept the screenshot of the home page.

The website states the name of Daniel C. as one the important people. Given that the identity of the arrested has been confirmed as Daniel Corbett, and that all the other information fall into place, it implies that that indeed is the same person. The photo of him, posted on the website, doesn’t show his face very clear as he is practically disguised.

His résumé is showing that he was a member of the American force Navy SEAL, that he participated in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, led operations of high importance worldwide, and participated in solving hostage crises.

“If you ever wonder how good he was, ask him and he will tell you”, is stated in his résumé.

There is still no official confirmation of the information we acquired during the research, nor is it possible to get it at this moment. Footlik and Golan did not respond to the messages of Insajder’s journalists, and employees in Raven Security did not respond to the calls for comment.

For one of the co-owners of Raven Military, Jay Footlik, it is stated that he served as a Special Advisor to former U.S. President Clinton for Middle Eastern issues, that he participated in numerous political campaigns, including the presidential campaign in 1992 when he worked for Clinton and the one for presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004.  Footlik was also a democratic candidate for the United States Congress. He also worked with former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres on peace initiatives between Israel and its neighbours.

On the same server where the address of the Raven Military website was, also registered there is a website of the apparently connected firm, Crno Jezero Group.

This website is also shut down as of yesterday.

The firm Crno Jezero Group, whose founder is Crno Jezero Invest, is registered in Serbia. It was established on April 18th in 2016 and was already shut down on July 19th 2017. Executives of the firm were Jay Footlik and Abraham Golan. Golan is mentioned in one of the articles of American investigative portal Mothe Jones as a private specialist for security affairs, stationed in Geneva, and specialized for security affairs of energy companies in Africa.

What is interesting is that Crno Jezero Group, registered in Serbia, was by all odds established purposely since, according to available reports, the total revenue of the firm before the shutdown was approximately 1 million RSD.

Former marine arrested with a gun in Belgrade

Minister of Internal Affairs Nebojša Stefanović stated three days ago that a Corbett D. was arrested in his safe house in Belgrade, a former U.S. marine, and was found in possession of a CZ-99 pistol with erased serial number. Speaking about potential assassination plans, Stefanović gave only partial clarification explaining that he is not allowed to provide many details.

„Police department had information about this individual that was in a possession of a firearm with erased serial number. That implies that something was going on, but I cannot say any more than that“, Stefanović said. 

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