Brankica Stanković: Freedom is something that belongs to us

Insajder (Insider) began as a team of three reporters 15 years ago. Under the slogan "there is no compromise when it comes to revealing the truth", the team led by Brankica Stanković has uncovered substantial evidence of war crimes, corruption, crimes committed by the security services, the murder of the Serbian prime minister, privatization turned into embezzlement, hooligans and extremist groups, and the football, justice and construction mafia. Almost five years ago, they decided to step out of their existing framework, with the idea that the Internet was the right place for them, because, up until that point, they were the ones that pushed the envelope. After going online, Insajder stepped into “the world without borders”. Documentaries about Insajder were made in France, Germany, Scandinavia, Brazil and the region, while journalists from many reputable magazines from Europe and the rest of the world wrote about the success of this programme.

Brankica Stanković

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