Brankica Stankovic wins 2018 “Engaged Journalism” award

The author and editor of the Insajder website Brankica Stankovic was personally honoured in October in Lebanon, the “Engaged Journalism” award by the May Chidiac Foundation for reporters who “committed themselves to the issues of their writings and have dedicated their bids to serve public“.

Brankica Stanković na dodeli nagrade Posvećeni novinar

The award has been presented since 2012 to journalists who dedicated their work to achieve the extraordinary goals.

The Foundation’s Board had chosen Stankovic for her “exceptional investigations of crime and political corruption in Serbia.”

Chidiac established the Foundation in 2009 under the “Keep on telling the truth” slogan.

The Foundation website says that “over more than 25 years as a journalist, May Chidiac started her career as a radio news broadcaster at the Voice of Lebanon radio station, and used this platform to launch her television career as a news anchor and war correspondent at LBC.”

It added that “as a TV correspondent, Chidiac fought for freedom of the Lebanese people when few dared to speak against the state of tyranny through her show, “Nharkom Saiid” from 1998 to 2005, during which she was frequently receiving death threats. In 2005, Chidiac was attacked by a car bomb causing her to lose her left leg and arm.”

At the end of 2009, Brankica Stankovic received 24-hour police protection since soccer hooligans made threats to her life after the Insajder’s series on links between football and crime aired in 2008.


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