Chief of the Serbian ruling parliamentary group exposed personal data of an MP

Head of the parliamentary group of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Aleksandar Martinovic read the official documents obtained from the military about the leader of the New Party (NS) Zoran Zivkovic during assembly session.

MP Aleksandar Martinovic in the Assembly

During the Serbian Assembly session on the new government, in the heat of discussion, Martinovic read personal data of the member of the parliament and leader of NS Zoran Zivkovic from a military file.

Martinovic was quoting official records from military department in Nis about Zivkovic’s ability to serve the army.

According to Bogoljub Milosavljevic , Professor of Law at the Union University, the act of the chief of the SNS parliamentary group Martinovic is “a textbook example of political abuse of institutions.”

“Whoever provided the records from military department has committed a criminal offence. This is a violation of the Law on Personal Data Protection and it is unacceptable in the rule of law. This example shows that even the most sensitive data is abused,” said Milosavljevic for Insajder.

MP Martinovic quoted the documents that cannot be obtained by the public, asking how it is possible that the leader of the New Party obtained a license for gun in 2010.

He also quoted why Zivkovic did not serve the army, but Insajder will restrain from quoting this statement due to protection of personal data.

This is not the first time Martinovic exposed someone’s personal data. During protests “Against the dictatorship” in April and May, Martinovic publicly showed photographs of protesters and revealed their identity.

On that occasion, he also showed the photograph of MP Zivkovic’s son.

Natasa Bogovic

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