Interview with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic (TRANSCRIPT)

"Insajder Debate", a hard talk conducted by Insajder Author and Editor, Brankica Stankovic with Serbian President - Aleksandar Vucic, draw a lot of public attention last week.  Here is the full transcript.

B. Stanković: Good afternoon, you are watching the show Insider debate. For those who have not followed in detail everything so far, just to explain that our guest today is President Aleksandar Vučić, and how the interview took place – two week ago on a press conference while answering our journalist’s questions, who to his response replied that she has at least another ten sub-questions, President Vučić said that this is not the place nor time to answer them and promised that he would come to Insider to answer all of our questions. Mr. Vučić, good afternoon. You have fulfilled the promise and thank you for that.

A. Vučić: Thank you for the invitation.

B. Stanković: Well we do invite you often.

A. Vučić: Thank you and all the best with your work.

B. Stanković: Ok, so this one promise you fulfilled. Then let me ask you right from the start why, and we’ve heard this on occasions, do you often promise to people things you cannot accomplish, things that you are aware you cannot accomplish?

A. Vučić: Well, I wouldn’t know what you are talking about since I think that I did fulfill most of the promises and that I can discuss. First of all, in my campaigns, campaigns I ran, both for parliament and presidency, I didn’t make that many promises. I talked about labour, hard and grueling labour, about sweat. Votes we got, we didn’t get based on big topics, national ones either or any other for that matter, but based on dedication and work. I spoke, I never deceived people, and when we talked about measures of fiscal consolidation, I said that it will bring outstanding results. It did bring outstanding results. When I spoke that was the most important part, a complete regulation of public finances. When I spoke, for example about Belgrade Waterfront, you laughed and said that those are only models. TV channels that are going to broadcast this interview, they said how only a tavern was built there and nothing else from those models.

B. Stanković: Well that is not true, that was only a remark. The remark was…

A.    Vučić: That was absolutely true. I remind the citizens that…

B.     Stanković: But you promised an investment worth 3 billion. But we’ll get to that later.

A.    Vučić: If you would let me speak.

B.     Stanković: Apologies

A.   Vučić: And if you can speak as a journalist, not as a political opponent, otherwise let me address you as a political opponent.

B.     Stanković: Wait, explain to me, wait

A. Vučić:  So don’t tell me something is not true, when it is absolutely true.

B. Stanković: But why do you think that only a political opponent can say that?

A. Vučić:  The main topic was, the main topic was…

B. Stanković: I am a journalist.

A.    Vučić:  The main topic was that those were only models and that they are fantasies. Another topic was the discussion of it, and that story lasted for two years. Did this model grew? They are some of the tallest models in whole Belgrade today.

B. Stanković: But I don’t know who said that, that’s why I’m asking. I don’t know.

A. Vučić:  Well since you don’t know… 

B. Stanković: I know about the remark.

A. Vučić: I saw that, for example, on the channel O2, B92, and how only a tavern was built, so I’ll forward it to you if you haven’t noticed. The coverage was done by Miss Tatjana Aleksić, I even remember that detail – I prepared for the show.

B. Stanković: Well fine, was any of that true?

A. Vučić:  Well nothing was true, as you can see.

B. Stanković: Ok, but when I was talking about the promises, about what you are promising

A. Vučić:  But you have to start, you have to start with models, with designs so you can build something. Unlike others who haven’t even made models and haven’t built anything, someone managed to after 150 years, 170 years actually, bring Belgrade to the river, where there were only shrubs, thorns, where there was, I would say, a pit full of snakes, rats and drug addicts. Today, that is one the most beautiful promenades in the world.  

B. Stanković: It is and that is all fine, but you promised an investment of 3 billion. And there isn’t a person that can bring 3 billion to Serbia as an investment.

A. Vučić: I don’t think you are right. 

B. Stanković: Well you said that in 2015.

A. Vučić: No, no.  I don’t think you are right – that there is no one. I think that…

B. Stanković: But you said that, it wasn’t me.

A. Vučić: No, you didn’t understand me. I don’t think you are right that the money won’t come. I’m saying that to you now.

B. Stanković: But what I’m trying to say is that the contract was signed in the end, where a foreign investor is investing 150 million euros.

A. Vučić: But that’s…

B. Stanković: Plus 150 million euros. 

A. Vučić: But hear me out. That is just the first phase.

B. Stanković: Ok, but the contract is not just about the first phase. A contract is a contract.

A. Vučić: Well yes, but it’s a contract for the first phase. The ones for the following phases are yet to come. That’s why we expect that to be a lot of money. After that.

B. Stanković: Fine, ok, we’ll see. But when I was talking about…

A. Vučić: And we’re opening… And unlike other, that contract has been completely transparent for a year and a half now.

B. Stanković: Well not all of it transparent.

A. Vučić: Absolutely all of it is transparent and has been for a year and a half.

B. Stanković: Well it’s not, there are business decisions, business secret about money transactions and so on.

A. Vučić: Business decisions about who is going to buy an apartment, who is going to buy any kind of space.

B. Stanković: No, not that. 

A. Vučić: Those are business decisions of the enterprise itself. The contract that the state or the city is signing is completely transparent, unlike some other contracts we’ve had in the previous period, such as Fiat, etc.

B. Stranković: Ok, Mr. Vučić, there are contracts that are not transparent.

A. Vučić: So, these are contracts for Belgrade Waterfront and they are completely transparent. 

B. Stranković: But if we could discuss that a bit later, please. Let’s go back to the promise. I was thinking, when I talked about promising something that you yourself know you cannot accomplish at that moment…

A. Vučić: For example?

B. Stanković: I’ll give you an example. When you came to power you said that you found the country to be in catastrophic state. That the previous authorities…

A. Vučić: Which is not a secret.

B. Stanković: Ok. That the previous authorities led the country to the edge of bankruptcy, that you had to salvage it.

A. Vučić: Which is absolutely true. 

B. Stanković: Why were you then in 2013, when you knew all that, if that is true, saying to people that “life is going to be better next year”? In 2014 in your pre-election campaign you were saying: “By the end of this year, beginning of the next at the latest we will see light at the end of the tunnel.”

A. Vučić: That’s right.

B. Stanković: So, you were at the moment aware that there won’t be any light at the end of the tunnel.

A. Vučić: First of all, I don’t think that. I think that there was a light.

B. Stanković: But then afterwards you brought in austerity measures.

A. Vučić: Yes, I brought in austerity measures because…

B. Stanković: Why do you tell the citizens of Serbia something that you know at that moment cannot be…

A. Vučić: Firstly, I think I was telling them the absolute truth. And when we were increasing, after decreased salaries and pensions for 4%, and then for 6%, I’m talking about educational workers, so that their salaries are today even higher than they were, and with the increase of 10% they will cumulatively be higher than they ever were, I was always telling the truth. By that, I don’t mean that I am impeccable, I’ve made mistakes countless times and I fought…

B. Stanković: No, it’s not about the truth, but simply why are you promising something that you know at that moment…

A. Vučić: But please, if you would let me for longer than 15 seconds.

B. Stanković: I will.

A. Vučić: When I kindly ask you. It’s not that... I don’t have... I can let you state your requests for 45 minutes…

B. Stanković: No, please. I apologize.


A. Vučić: So, I think that it’s very important to say that I’ve always been telling and tried to tell the truth to people. Is everything always the way I want it to be? In the end, it usually is. The result is today, that all the people, except for 27 thousand of them, which is a minimal number, in public administration will have higher salaries than they ever had. Do we today, since you’re talking about that, have higher average salary, and for us it’s primarily important that private sector has higher salary, that we create such conditions so that private sector can become more dynamic and attracts more than public sector does. Otherwise, everyone would try to get into state institutions. That’s the problem with it. So, if we do all that, my question for you would be – How much is the average salary today? 407 euros.

B. Stanković: 406,20 was in July. 

A. Vučić: I’m sorry. I apologize to the citizens of Serbia because it is 406,26.

B. Stanković: Well no, you’re checking me so I just wanted to say.

A. Vučić: It will be even 440 in March already, and by the end of 2018, since some didn’t listen to what I was saying, it will be near 500. And for that, some people from DOS regimen said, and in today’s opposition as well, that then they should say that everyone has to vote for SNS because no one else managed to pull our country out from the crisis that fast. Therefore, things are going in the right direction and I was telling the truth. I followed fiscal trends. IMF says that, The World Bank says that. They say that we are the best in attracting foreign investments. Which can be proved by the number of foreign investors. With those things we accomplished a lot, and that will remain. I am proud of that kind of political heritage, because that was possible only thanks to brave decisions. And when it comes to pensioners – I brought to you for the first time, exclusively for you, a chart. So, after this increase, 1.485.439 pensioners, so 86.6%, will have higher pensions than they ever had.

B. Stanković: But to what amount is that increased?

A. Vučić: By these 5% I’m talking about.

B. Stanković: Yes, yes, but to what amount? On top of the one that was previously decreased…

A. Vučić: No, no, I’m telling you compared to 2014.

B. Stanković: Fine. 

A. Vučić: Look – 2014 before decrease, 2017 with increase of 5%. So, how will all that go until 2018.

B. Stanković: Wait, this is before the decrease?

A. Vučić: This is before the decrease. So we never decreased pensions for 1.000.882 persons.

B. Stanković: Ok, but then I have to ask you something. It’s not clear to me.

A. Vučić: Here, let me explain it.

B. Stanković: Because here, for example we have one check where it says that pension is decreased, temporary decrease of pension by law 8.847,40 RSD.

A. Vučić:  That’s someone with very high pension of approximately 85…

B. Stanković: Ok, and that someone now has 26.332

A. Vučić: I don’t understand. How is it decreased from 80.000 to 26.000?

B. Stanković: Not from 80, for 8.487 RSD is the pension decreased.

A. Vučić: It’s impossible if he had 26.000. That’s only one part he gave you. That means he gave the first part of his pension.

B. Stanković: Fine, but I’m interested in…

A. Vučić: That means that someone, that means that someone has…

B. Stanković: The first part of the pension

A. Vučić: That means that someone has a pension of 53.000

B. Stanković: And it’s been decreased for 8.000

A. Vučić: Do you know according to what principle that was done, Brankica? If I can explain that to you. So, it was a complicated calculation. That I think, I know and maybe two other people in Ministry of Finance. And what was our intention. So, for one million and 882 pensioners, for 60% of the pensioners, pension has never been decreased. Their pensions will, after increase, be 8% higher than ever. So, you have 3 cumulative increases – 1.25, the increase itself, there hasn’t been any increase. 1.25, 1.50 and 5.00 between 8 and 8.20 depending on how high the pensions are, that’s how much their pensions will be higher than ever. So that is the most of pensioners. One million and 882 of them. All pensioners that had up to 37.100 then, and they are, as I said 86.6% in total, they will have significantly higher or somewhat higher pensions. The ones with up to 40.000, and there are exactly 110.00 of them, they will have slightly, 100, 200 or 300 RSD lower pensions. And 173.000 of them in total, the ones with up to 40.000, that gap will be reduced, but they will still have lower pensions. So, our intention was, and with the total funds, just so people can understand, we are giving more money today then we did back then. Therefore, as far as we are concerned, these pensions are costing the state a lot more because we wanted to help the underprivileged the most. We wanted for the most deprived pensioners to…

B.Stanković: Fine, but we’ll see that when it happens.

A. Vučić: But that already happened, it’s been decided.

B. Stanković: A decision has been made, but it has not happened yet.

A. Vučić: Yes, the first payment will be in January. And before that it will be...

B. Stanković: But in the expose in 2014 you said that pensions won’t be touched. I will quote you: "Let them strip our... "

A. Vučić: No, I said I would do my best that pensions remain untouched.

B. Stanković: Well can I finish?

A. Vučić: Most certainly.

B. Stanković: “Let them strip everything of our backs but the pensioners will be the last ones.”

A. Vučić: That’s right, and for pensioners we’ve…

B. Stanković: But six months later you…

A. Vučić: But for the pensioners, as you…

B. Stanković: Okay, they were the last ones.

A. Vučić: But we had to. Brankica, let’s analyze that, please. You keep insisting, yes, they were last.

B. Stanković: No, I’m simply asking about what you’ve promised…

A. Vučić: They were last but it wasn’t all of them. Sixty percent of the pensioners remained untouched. Sixty percent of the pensioners remained untouched. Let's analyze something, please help me out with that.

B. Stanković: Let’s not analyze now, Mr. Vučić, we don’t have much time.

A. Vučić: Please, please, this is very important to me. It is very important to me. And why do you think a person would do that? Do you think anyone is that stupid that they would want their own failure? Or someone simply figured out that we are done with the country, that we are done with everything if we don’t do that? And protected the poorest pensioners? Protected the poorest pensioners. And wanted to demonstrate – don’t let the public sector be more attractive because in the public sector we are considerably more paid than in the private one. So, as we had 337, then 356, today we have 407 euros, more than we ever had, in euros, not in RSD. We’ll have 440, than this much. It had to be done. If that hasn’t been done with public finances... That was proposed by IMF. Krstić came to me, Lazar, with the proposal: "Reduce the pensions for 20-25%, 15-20% for salaries".

B. Stanković: But no one disagrees that it had to be done. We believe that it had to be done, because the situation was as it was.

A. Vučić: No, but I’m telling you, as you can see, Brankica, I fought and protected 60 percent of the poorest pensioners so that their pensions wouldn’t be touched at all. I instead took…

B. Stanković: Well ok, I haven’t analyzed that in detail, but...

A. Vučić: Well, I have.

B. Stanković: But I’ve seen your statements.

A. Vučić: Here you go. I want to leave this to you.

B. Stanković: Thank you.

A. Vučić: I want to leave this to you, so you can double-check it.

B. Stanković: And then we will analyze it.

A. Vučić: If you could, please.

B. Stanković: But I was…


A. Vučić: So 60% were protected. I rather accepted that my parents pay that price, because it would be easier for my father to live with 80,000 and my mother with 70,000 RSD pension, than, if we were to, for example, take from a man who has 22-23,000 RSD, we would 10% from him, so when his pension is decreased for 2,200 or 2,300, he wouldn’t be able to survive.

B.Stanković: But from someone who has 52.000 RSD you took away 8.000 RSD.

A. Vučić: Do you know what the calculation was? Let me tell you right away.

B. Stanković: Okay, but I just want to know, when you took away those, from 52, 8,000.

A. Vučić: It wasn’t 52 – and 8.000 taken, but…

B. Stanković: How come, here, this check, I’m interested in that. That is an example sent by our viewer.

A. Vučić: I will calculate this correctly for you right away.

B. Stanković: Ok, but come on now…

A. Vučić: Well don’t, now that you’ve said that.

B. Stanković: I agree. It’s fine, ok.

A. Vučić: Let me tell you right away how that goes. Up to 25,000, nothing is calculated, that's the base rate. Then it was 22% for up to 40,000, so for 40,000, for how much it was decreased, that’s 15,000, 22% is 3,100. Someone who had 40,000, got 36,900 at first. And from then on it was taken by 25. So for 50,000 that’s 3300, sorry 3300, so 30 and 600, 700.

B. Stanković: But pensions weren’t restored, right?


A. Vučić: Just hear me out.

B. Stanković: Were they restored?

A. Vučić: Just hear me out, please.

B. Stanković: I will.

A. Vučić: Listen to me carefully, Brankica. On top of those 3.300, from 50.000 another 2 and a half thousand – that would be 6.200. So, from 50.000, 6.200 were taken, which means that it is possible that for 50…

B. Stanković: Well there you go, I’m not making it up, I’m really not making it up and saying… 8.000

A. Vučić: For 56-57.000 it was 8.000. But they’re now getting, for 50.000, just 5%, two and a half thousand today.

B. Stanković: Okay, but I’m interested… I understand.

A. Vučić: So, as far as pension restorations are concerned - 86, 6 ... Those who ask for pensions to be restored, you have to understand, they are actually asking for pensions to be reduced for 86.6% of people. That’s what they are asking for, those that ask for pension restoration. You have to understand that. Those looking for...

B. Stanković: Okay, but Mr. Vučić, let me ask you – ok, pensions, we know that you had to make…

A. Vučić: Well forget about what I knew. Is that true? Those asking for pension restoration, they want in fact the pensions to be reduced for almost 90% of people.

B. Stanković: But why were you, when you were talking about salaries, you said how much the average salary is, 407 euros. And it will be…

A. Vučić: 440 in March already

B. Stanković: Yes, but in 2015 you said on Pink that everyone is lying. "People, let's not lie to each other that our salary is 380 euros. Average incomes are significantly higher, which can be seen everywhere."

A. Vučić: That’s right.

B. Stanković: "People, we have 500 euros salaries". That's what you say.

A. Vučić: No, I didn’t say that, we have salaries…

B. Stanković: But you did

A. Vučić: No, I did not say we have salaries, but that we are spending as if we have 500 euros, that’s what they… what you don’t see.

B. Stanković: Well ok, here you don’t say that, there is a footage.

A. Vučić: What you don’t see, whether through daily wages, or through all the other things. But is it a matter of improvement or is it a drawback? We found that it was a significant improvement. We found that those who speak about the restoration of pensions are deceiving pensioners, speaking only, addressing my parents, and other, I wouldn’t want to say rich pensioners, but to pensioners who have high incomes.

B. Stanković: But why do your parents matter now, I do not understand?

A. Vučić: Well because they have the highest pensions.

B. Stanković: Fine, but why is that important now?

A. Vučić: Well that is the target group they are referring to, that is why it’s important.

B. Stanković: But they are the citizens of this country, you are the president of this country.

A. Vučić: Well they are the citizens of this country, but I wanted to primary take care of the poorest. Those who talk about restoration have to understand one thing – they’re asking for that, asking us to actually reduce pensions for 87% of people. Therefore, when you talk about restoration, they are not talking about retaining that and giving to those others, but they are talking about restoration. Why? Because there is a political motive, that people will be deceived  that pensions are lower. They are not. In total they are higher, for 87% of people are higher. For 13% of people they are lower. The most of those people are in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The least of them are in central Serbia. So explain to people what it is about. Those who would restore, would actually reduce pensions for 87% of people. We will not allow them.

B. Stanković: There you go, you explained it yourself.

A. Vučić: Because already next year, because already next year…

B. Stanković: We can now…

A. Vučić: …and this 13% of people, we’ll make it so that they have higher pensions, and those poorest to have significantly higher pensions. Thank you for allowing me to explain that kind of tone and dialog, that’s something that no one allowed me. 

B. Stanković: There you go, we have allowed it. But why are you always angry at journalists and media, I have that impression, who do not praise you every day for something good that you have done?

A. Vučić: I think you are terribly wrong. I am one of the few…

B. Stanković: Can I now finish the question? Here, I’m asking you.

A. Vučić:  Go ahead.

B. Stanković: So, one would get an impression that you are simply angry at all of those who do not praise you for something good that you have done. Your job is to do good for this country. You are the president of this country. The fact is that there are good things, of course, it’s not all black and white, but you must let journalists ask you also something that maybe, that is not good, something some misuses indicate, and so on. Why did you now, at the beginning of the interview, for example, declare me as a political speaker?

A. Vučić: I did not declare you, I was saying that I could treat you as a political opponent, not speaker, but I want, Brankica, to tell you – do you know any other president who would agree to come to Insider and answer your every question? Or do you know any other president or prime minister or opposition party leader who agrees…

B. Stanković: Do you think a president of Serbia or in general?

A. Vučić: In Serbia, I mean. In general, I really wouldn’t know. In Serbia, I know. Or opposition party leader who answers every question? I don’t know any.

B. Stanković: But we don’t have the opportunity to ask you, now we do have the opportunity to ask you a question.

A. Vučić: Ok, if I may. This is not my first interview for Insider.

B. Stanković: Well, you did one a year ago.

A. Vučić: Well then, I have already done two interviews for Insider.

B. Stanković: Once when you were the opposition leader.

A. Vučić: And by the way, every time you come, every time when your Irena comes to our meetings, I always show her respect and I always answer her questions.

B. Stanković: But isn’t that something you should do anyway? Of course you should show respect.

A. Vučić: I have listened to you, and you won’t even let me answer your question.

B. Stanković: But Mr. Vučić, you haven’t answered me why I am a political worker.

A. Vučić: I didn’t say that you are a political worker.

B. Stanković: You said that I’m holding a political speech.

A. Vučić: No, I didn’t say that, I said that I could treat you like a political opponent, because you are making a judgment that it is not true, but I won’t. I was quoting myself.

B. Stanković: Well you can’t tell me, based on me stating some facts, that I am your political opponent.

A. Vučić: You haven’t stated the facts, you stated your judgment.

B. Stanković: What judgment? Based on the facts.

A. Vučić: That something is not true, which is by the way…

B. Stanković: No, I only said “you promised something you didn’t fulfill”. That’s what I said.

A. Vučić: Ok, I’m saying that it’s not true.

B. Stanković: And I’ve pointed out what.

A. Vučić: And I’m also saying that it’s not true. But if you talk to me…

B. Stanković: …and you have explained….

A. Vučić: Ok, I’m sorry. How about we stop with that…

B. Stanković: Well ok, but if we can without those…

A. Vučić: How about you give me a chance now, to answer this.

B. Stanković: I will give you a chance.

A. Vučić: So, I am the only man in this country who answers to all journalists. I don’t have a problem with being interrupted a 1000 times, and count after the show how many times you have interrupted me. Who answers everyone’s questions? I have never avoided any questions. Have I ever made a deal and said, to you or to Mrs. Stević, ‘ask’ or ‘don’t ask’ this or that. I am absolutely available. Do you know why I am available? Because I’m confident in what I‘m doing. Because I believe in what I’m doing. Because I know how much energy and effort I invest in that. I know how much diligence and work and endeavor is necessary to achieve these results. And for the whole world to tell you: “Serbia is moving forward”. And to manage to keep Serbia, in that political sense, on the European path, not to be resented by our traditional friends, and everything else. And to keep peace and stability in the region. That is why I’m confident, and why I can confront everyone, because I know that I have never stolen anything, I know that we don’t have more but fewer properties, my family, both close and extended, fewer than we had before I came to power. So, how can I tell you this, I don’t have a problem with that. And am I a fighter, and don’t resent me, this is my request for you to forgive me. I am a man who is a fighter, who doesn’t want to give up, and who doesn’t want to surrender, and who doesn’t want to accept falsehoods. I’m not talking about you right now.

B. Stanković: Ok, but… 

A. Vučić: Some say to me: “Well ok, he solved the Ironmongery”. So imagine, “hey, ok, there, he solved the Ironmongery”. Well yes, it looks like we solved Galenika as well. For which you said that it’s going to cost 1 euro, when in fact, it costed…

B. Stanković: We really cannot get into something that requires a lot of time right now.

A. Vučić: Well you don’t really need that much time for the Ironmongery.

B. Stranković: Well I do.

A. Vučić: We had a closed ironmongery where 5.000 people lost their jobs. And today we have…

B. Stanković: Well, I will now ask you to allow me to ask you a question since you came here to answer my questions, is that right?

A. Vučić: Well, I did answer your questions, but you obviously didn’t like my response.

B. Stanković: No, you have all the rights to respond with what you claim is true.

A. Vučić: That’s correct.

B. Stanković: Therefore, what you said that you are always available at press conferences, that everyone can ask you a question, that is correct. But they can’t ask you sub-questions. You know that press conferences are not the place, and also…

 A. Vučić: And can a journalist, of whom Vuk Jeremić or Saša Janković are not fond, get into a press conference? Did they ever respond to questions from journalists they don’t like? Have you ever been removed from any of my conferences?

B. Stanković: So you are now speaking on behave of those journalists or…?

A. Vučić: I am speaking, I am asking you…

B. Stanković: But I’m telling you…

A. Vučić: I’m asking you because I’m not blind, I am not deaf either, nor am I that dumb…

B. Stanković: But why all the other ministers in Government… So you are not the only person that has to answer questions

A. Vučić: I can answer for myself.

B. Stanković: Well ok, but I want to say that that’s not, that’s good that you are available to journalists.

A. Vučić: Thank you.

B. Stanković: But that’s not the proof of availability of numerous information.

A. Vučić: I think that that is fair and I think that you do have information, if I may say it in one sentence, more than ever. That you don’t have anything that is especially unavailable, and can it be…

B. Stranković: Everything is unavailable.

A. Vučić: I think that nothing is unavailable. 

B. Stanković: Well ok, here we are, working every day.

A. Vučić: But do I think it can be even more transparent in a lot of field? Yes, I am certain. And do I think that ministers should communicate more openly with public and present things on a daily basis and answer those questions, because only then will their work become more significant? Yes, I agree with you.

B. Stanković: Well can you imagine, for example, Nebojša Stefanović coming to Insider like you did?

A. Vučić: I think that Nebojša Stefanović is one very capable person, but would he come…

B. Stanković: Well, I’m not telling you that he should come, but there’s simply some kind of a rule - Nebojša Stefanović is reserved every Saturday for Pink, Aleksandar Vulin every Sunday. That’s my conclusion.

A. Vučić: He’s not. Let me tell you, if anyone is reserved, I am sure that they are reserved neither on Saturdays nor Sundays.

B. Stanković: Well, he’s there every Saturday.

A. Vučić: There are some reserved every morning or every Sunday on N1, but you know, everyone has their own, everyone has their own preferences. I don’t, to be honest, when it comes to that I like to, it’s always more interesting when there’s someone else that I can give my answers to, because that way I have a chance to compare things with something.

B. Stanković: But why then when I ask you something, you immediately… not immediately, not me, but anyone…

A. Vučić: Well fine, if you’d like I can say it for the 17th time…

B. Stanković: No, no, but I want to tell you…

A. Vučić: I can apologize and say it… 

B. Stanković: No, it’s not about that, it’s not only you, but it’s simply very common that when someone asks a question they’re immediately proclaim as someone who dislikes this country.

A. Vučić: That is not true. It’s not true. 

B. Stanković: Where would you get such an idea that we don’t like this country?

A. Vučić: I never even said that you don’t like this country. I wouldn’t be here. I would never be here. I never said that to you.

B. Stanković: But it turns that way into a political speech, into I don’t know…

A. Vučić: Well, that’s not true, I’ve always addressed you with respect.

B. Stanković: But that’s fine

A. Vučić: And personally, I’ve always referred to you with highest respect, I have never offended you, I have never offended your journalist

B. Stanković: Fine, but Mr. Vučić when you say that, why is it like that? Is it because you know that Insider exist since 2004? We’ve been doing investigating journalism longer than you are in power, is that right?

A. Vučić: Absolutely.

B. Stanković: You followed our work while you were in opposition

A. Vučić: Has there ever been, today or 7 years ago that I didn’t treat you with respect?

B. Stanković: Well, I want to say that that’s normal. And that it’s perfectly fine. And you should.

A. Vučić: Ok, I agree with you.


B. Stanković: Ok, let’s move on to the next topic.

A. Vučić: I don’t see what I’ve done wrong there. 

B. Stanković: ...since a lot of time has passed already. When you talk about financing of Serbian Progressive Party, you often say that that is the party that has the cleanest money.

A. Vučić: Absolutely. State Audit Institution confirmed that as well. Since they examined all the parties, the least remarks, and you can check that yourself, those are public documents, Serbian Progressive Party got the least remarks by far. We got 3 remarks in total.

B. Stanković: And what are the remarks?

A.Vučić: The first one…

B. Stanković: Is that that 6.940 citizens mostly deposited the same amount of 40.000 RSD?

A. Vučić: Yes, because that’s what people do in municipal committees. That’s what people do in municipal committees. You have, you have to understand one thing – Serbian Progressive Party has enough money from accounts, its finances are the cleanest by far and it’s spending it and financing everything. Serbian Progressive Party doesn’t own anyone a single dime, unlike everyone else who is in depth from a million to 10 million euros. We had 3 remarks – for example the following party received 29 remarks from State Audit Institution.

B. Stanković: But I’m asking you about Serbian Progressive Party.

A. Vučić: Ok, I’ll try… I know, but it’s important for me so people would know. Because it’s being spoken about Serbian Progressive Party, and I’m glad that it’s being spoken about Serbian Progressive Party. Serbian Progressive Party has clean finances, the same way the state had when I was the Prime minister. Why do I think that is proper business? The most important thing and something which can show people how much you respect them. Ask people from the TV channel that’s going to broadcast our interview do they, and what is the only party that doesn’t owe them a single dime.

B. Stanković: But that’s not the question. 

A. Vučić: Just a moment, just a second. 

B. Stanković: The question is, how is it possible that several thousands of citizens deposit 40.000 RSD?

A. Vučić: Well, because we have people, we say to people – please, whoever can afford, we do the calculation, we need that much money, please, that’s done by the president of the executive board with municipal committees, if you could deposit the money.

B. Stanković: But Anti-Corruption Agency reported to Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Serbian Progressive Party and SPS for suspicion of money laundering.

A. Vučić: Money laundering? For 19.000 RSD each?

B. Stanković: No, for 40. Because they had information from the Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering that individuals who deposited donations are at the same time appearing as both donators and social support users.

A. Vučić: Why does it matter, because it can be one, so they come, it’s…

B. Stanković: But wait, you’re just hearing this now from me?

A. Vučić: No, I haven’t heard, I read in Kurir, I read.

B. Stanković: Not in Kurir, this is the official document from the Anti-Corruption Agency.

A. Vučić: Please just hear me out. That will all be put to an end properly in accordance with law.

B. Stanković: But what is the explanation?

A. Vučić: Well, I’ll explain it now. There are municipal committees/ We have, some say 500, others says even 600.000 members, I don’t think so, I think it’s more realistic around 300.000 people, even that is too much. But you have an army of people that support you. You have the election campaign, you’re doing so called fundraisers with your members. I’m surprised that only 6.000 people made deposits. Someone gave to someone.

B. Stanković: 6.940 deposited 40.000 RSD each. Identical amount.

A. Vučić: And one person can up to 300 euros. Up to 300 euros. So, let me now tell you…

B. Stanković: But identical amounts, it’s not 300 euros.

A. Vučić: But just hear me out. I suppose that is because it is allowed up to that limit per individual, not more than that. Therefore, that’s why it’s permitted. And all those names are on the list. If someone…

B. Stanković: But how did the social...

A. Vučić: And now I’m going to explain how. Two of us are sitting, and there is a third person. I don’t know if it is like that but I suppose – I say: “I would like to give 800 euros, but I cannot give 800 euros, this is how much is allowed. Here you go, please make a deposit for our party.”

B. Stanković: And what if that person is, that is the problem, what if that person is a tycoon?

A. Vučić: Tycoon?

B. Stanković: For example?

A. Vučić: Tycoon for 800 euros?

B. Stanković: Not for 800 euros, what if that is the money brought it bags since you say that you don’t know anything.

A. Vučić: Please, don’t.

B. Stanković: Well, I’m just saying hypothetically.

A. Vučić: Can you please not?

B. Stanković: But wait, if someone deposits 40.000 RSD into their account today and the following day, that’s not my information, that’s the information from the Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering.

A. Vučić: Well that means, that means… That’s not an information, that’s…

B. Stanković: That’s a report.

A. Vučić: That’s not a report, that’s what they ask to be investigated. And that will be investigated. But, please, let’s talk about something – for people to know precisely what are you talking about here.

B. Stanković: I’m asking you. That’s what I’m asking you.

A. Vučić: May I answer?

B. Stanković: You may, of course.

A. Vučić: So, you are saying here, I’m quite patient and I’m asking everyone, the Anti-Corruption Agency, everyone, to investigate this all the way through. Why?

B. Stanković: Well that’s been the topic for days now and no one has answered, that’s why I’m asking you.

A. Vučić: First of all, I don’t think that’s been the topic for days. That’s a fictional topic, because it has to cover up…

B. Stanković: How’s that a fictional topic? The Agency…

A. Vučić: If I may answer. So, show just a little bit of patience. The Agency asks for that. I’m saying that’s a fictional topic. If it’s not or it is, let the Agency handle the process all the way through.

B. Stanković: Fine.

A. Vučić: Then we’ll see. Let them handle the process all the way through. So we can find out what happened. Now, let’s take a look at something – the topic is Serbian Progressive Party which has documented every person who’s deposited even a dinar. And based on what has Mr. Jeremic payed 7 million euros for his campaign?

B. Stanković: I’m really not a spokesman for Mr. Jeremić, I’m doing my…

A. Vučić: Well, you don’t need to be a spokesman.

B. Stanković: Ok, then don’t ask me that.

A. Vučić: I’m asking, I’m not asking you at all, I’m asking myself.

B. Stanković: But this is a show where you answer.

A. Vučić: Based on what has Mr. Janković payed 2.5 million euros for his campaign expenses.

B. Stanković: But let me tell you, that’s something we’ll ask them.

A. Vučić: You’ll never ask them, because you’ve never even asked them how’s that guy with the gun…

B. Stanković: You’re accusing me again that we are…

A. Vučić: Not you, but I’m talking about everyone else. Not even how he fired from the gun towards his, actually towards someone’s…

B. Stanković: Do you have the official data on that?

 A. Vučić: Do I have the official information that a man was murdered by his gun?

 B. Stanković: Yes, why… Are you claiming that the man is involved in a murder? And he is free?

 A. Vučić: No, I’m not claiming that the man is involved in the murder, I’m claiming that the man was murdered by his gun. So you’ve never asked him what’s your gun doing there, murdered in his apartment…

 B. Stanković: Well wait, have the competent authorities asked him, why would I ask him?

 A. Vučić: Well they asked him a long time ago, but it seems to be outdated, so when they wanted to ask him again, you said that it’s a pursuit, different journalists said that it’s a pursuit because of the elections and whatnot.

 B. Stanković: Well it is a pursuit, if you are accusing someone of a murder.

 A. Vučić: No one’s accusing him to be a murderer. And a pursuit is what you’re doing with the others and saying that someone was laundering money, and for that you don’t have any proof, any verdict.

 B. Stanković: And now I really can’t let you finish that way, because Anti-Corruption Agency reported this to the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, you, not you personally, Serbian Progressive Party.

 A.Vučić: And?

 B. Stanković: SPS

 A. Vučić: And?

 B. Stanković: And URS

 A. Vučić: And?

B. Stanković: For the pre-election campaign in 2014.

 A. Vučić: And?

 B. Stanković: Well why are you asking me “And”?

 A. Vučić: I’m asking you, and?

 B. Stanković: I didn’t make this up.

 A. Vučić: Well a man was murdered, it’s not made up that a man was murdered.

 B. Stanković: What are you talking about now?

 A. Vučić: I’m talking about the man, that he is murdered, since you are telling me that someone’s been made up.

 B. Stanković: But I’m asking you about the Agency… that I made this up?

 A. Vučić: And I’m telling you, and I’m asking you, why didn’t anybody else answer for some other things? And why don’t you ask them about that?

 B. Stanković: Well you are the authority, Mr. Vučić.

 A. Vučić: So “you are the authority”?

 B. Stanković: I am not.

 A. Vučić: And I’m asking you why you don’t ask. Nothing else.

 B. Stanković: Well we ask whatever we consider should be asked.

 A. Vučić: I haven’t heard that you asked.

 B. Stanković: We are also asking you why, what is that…

 A. Vučić: Is there anything else about this that is not clear to you? So, if the Anti-Corruption Agency and the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office would finish their job, so we can conclude this. But I still don’t have a response from anyone on how somebody spends 7 million euros and is penniless. And we have all this money on the accounts, which we’ve got from the state, as clean as a whistle, without any tycoons. Tell me a name of a tycoon that’s funding us. Tell me.

 B. Stanković: Well, I don’t know, I don’t have any names of tycoons. If I had, I would tell you. I haven’t dealt with that topic.

 A. Vučić: There are none, there are no tycoons funding SPP because that wouldn’t…

 B. Stanković: But you want to say that it’s not suspicious when the identical amounts are being deposited?

 A. Vučić: …because that wouldn’t be SPP anymore. It would be Democratic Party, Janković’s Party or the party of Vuk Jeremić.

 B. Stanković: Fine, but I assume… you yourself know, there are TV channels where you can state the accusations against numerous…

 A.Vucic: I’m not making accusations, I’m answering, but you don’t think that this is a television or that this is a studio where you will forbid me to speak.

 B.Stankovic: Well, no, but just imagine that someone else is the guest and I let them talk about you.

 A. Vučić: It is exactly what everyone else is doing all the time. They don’t talk about anything else.

 B. Stanković: Alright then, but we don’t let anyone else respond…

 A. Vučić: They do not respond to any other questions, they just keep talking about me. All day long. As nothing else would be permitted to be said.

 B. Stanković: You announced a call, a possible call for an extraordinary parliamentary elections.

 A. Vučić: I didn’t announce anything. 

 B.Stanković: You’re thinking about it.

 A. Vučić: A journalist asked if we spoke about it. I said: “Yes, we did”.

 B.Stanković: And SNS wants, but you thinking about it. Is that right? That’s what I read.

 A. Vučić: The SNS is also thinking about it, most of the people are up for it, the ones I spoke to. I spoke with the vice-presidents of our party, I spoke with Nebojša Stefanović as well, the president of the Party's Executive Committee and several other important people inside SNS. I talked with them, they are for the list for new elections, I am not yet, so we will talk further. We will continue the conversation this week.

 B.Stanković: But why the elections? Who needs the elections?

 A. Vučić: Well, the Opposition does. They want them.

 B.Stanković: So, you are obeying the opposition’s wishes?

 A. Vučić: That’s right.

 B. Stanković: So what – in three days someone else request it again and you’ll make it happen?

 A. Vučić: They had them every time they asked.

 B. Stanković: Alright, even if that is correct, I didn’t hear the opposition had asked for it. I don’t know who. Who asked?

 A. Vučić: I was told the Assembly is asking for extraordinary parliamentary elections.

B. Stanković: Well yes, but that argument is not sufficient. It should be important if the government is stable or not.

 A. Vučić: I do think that the Government is stable, which is exactly my argument with people from SNS. The one that you stated.

 B. Stanković: Since there is a theory that you are calling the elections so you can win on the Belgrade elections. For the joined elections that is. 

 A. Vučić: Brankica, I will remain behind your opinion and I will firmly represent it within the party.

 B.Stanković: That is not my opinion, it is a question since it’s not very clear. I don’t understand…

 A. Vučić: Here, I will say exactly what you have said. 


Intervju urednice Insajdera Brankice Stanković sa predsednikom Srbije Aleksandrom Vučićem
Foto: Insajder / Intervju urednice Insajdera Brankice Stanković sa predsednikom Srbije Aleksandrom Vučićem

B.Stanković: What, that it is a good idea to call the elections?

A. Vučić: No, I'm going to say what you said - why do we call elections when we haven’t heard enough arguments? All that you have asked me, I'll ask them.

B.Stanković: Yes, it makes no sense, we are having the elections every now and then. It looks like you are competing with yourself so you can gain some kind of a number, I am not sure what.

A.Vučić: Even that is not that bad sometimes, but here, I’ll present your argument, I agree with it.

B. Stanković: None of that was the argument, but fine. 

A.Vučić: I fully agree with your questions that contained possible argumentation and I will use them in inter-party conversations.

B.Stanković: Alright.

A.Vučić: And have lost the Belgrade elections already, that’s not contentious.

B.Stanković: Well now you are again saying something I absolutely never said and…

A. Vučić: No, no, you didn’t say that, I did. 

B.Stanković: One of the main remarks is that you are holding the ascendancy in your hands. And you… (A.Vucic is laughing) Why are you laughing now?

A.Vučić: You don’t believe that yourself either.

B.Stanković: But wait, you contribute somehow to such a conclusion, because you are in charge of everything, you talk about everything, you answer every question. It seems as if you were to decide to retire now that this country will stop existing.

A.Vučić: Do you want now… This country will never stop existing and it had never been depending on one man.

B. Stanković: But how would you call that kind of a state regulation?

A. Vučić: You’ve mixed up the state regulation with… that’s what people usually do, confuse it with forms of government and forms of political regimen. I assume you are talking about forms of political regimen. We live in a democracy in its true sense, in a system where there are checks and balances, i.e. brakes and balance, where you have a legislative and bicepical so-called executive power and where there is a very inefficient, from my point of view, besides many judges, very inefficient third and completely independent one. The government and the executive body have an independent judicial power, where the reform was set during Democratic Party, as well as the judges and prosecutors. Essentially, perhaps one smaller change was made and nothing else, therefore, is it ideal? You must always keep democracy as a little water on your palm, you need to fight for it. And I think we made some progress, it is a different story that somebody is intimidated by, some would maybe say, the strength of my personality, maybe my diligence, and some other would say - that's because he does not respect us, his political opponents and he always wants to fight against us. Maybe that is my mistake. I think that's good, it makes it dynamic and brings it to life.

B. Stanković: Well when the fight is equal, that is good.

A. Vučić: I don’t think the fight is equal since you cannot fight against someone who often works up to 15 or 16 hours per day and you work only 40 to 45 minutes per day. You cannot fight like that. When it comes to some other things, I think we can discuss this all day and all night and I am sure you will say, when you are alone, don’t get me wrong, or should I say alone with yourself which would be a pleonasm, you will still say: “Hold on, this way or that way, he is still working. What about the rest of them?” And have you heard any political stances? Except the one “I hate Vučić?” I was laughing earlier…

B. Stanković: But you too are saying “I hate the opposition”.

A. Vučić: That is not true

B. Stanković: How come it’s not? In a dictionary… “Hate speech is prohibited by the Law.” Don’t you know that?

A. Vučić: It’s not true that I hate anyone. They are endlessly amusing and dear to me, since, truth to be told...

B. Stanković: Hold on, it’s like we’re not living in the same country.

A. Vučić: Well you’re asking me about my impression, as if we are not living in the same country. 

B. Stanković: Look into all those Serbian Progressive Party press release that are full of the offenses.

A. Vučić: Those press releases, I think they were wrong as they were responding is the same manner to the offenses. I kindly asked them not to, I think that changed a bit lately. I really hope so, I cannot follow it, but I told them: “When they insult us, do not respond the same way”. It is true, for a year or two, they responded with insults. I told them….

B. Stanković: And with hate speech.

A. Vučić: Whatever you interpret it – insult…

B. Stanković: But you were just saying, I don’t know, the man in whose apartment someone was murdered, you called him names….

A. Vučić: Well, wasn’t he? What names?

B. Stanković: Mr. Vučić, I’m telling you, if you know all that…

A. Vučić: What names was I referring to?

B. Stanković: What do you expect from citizens? To trust you or to let competent institutions do their job?

A. Vučić: I’m asking you what names was I referring to?

B. Stanković: Well however you’re calling him – “Prangija”

A. Vučić: Me?

B. Stanković: Do you want us to play it?

A. Vučić: I have never said that in my entire life.

B. Stanković: You haven’t?

A. Vučić: Never. Maybe once I said how some people call him, but I never said it to him in person.

B. Stanković: Aham, well maybe I wrongly…

A. Vučić: Play it, where I used that word.

B. Stanković: It wasn’t you, you just said that. You claim I misunderstood, you said how some people call him that way.

A. Vučić: Well, some people do.

B. Stanković: It could be I misunderstood.

A. Vučić: Some people call him, not me.

B. Stanković: I thought it was you. But I’m just saying…

A. Vučić: I would like the political competition to be stronger. I wish it is more powerful. I would like them to work harder and have some political ideas. I wish that they know what they intercede for when it comes to Kosovo and Metohija. I would like to know why they are criticizing when we appoint judges and prosecutors so we can finally solve the problems to the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, since we could not do so until now.

B. Stanković: Well now you are starting a very serious topic.

A. Vučić: These are the most serious topic. There is no political stance on any subject except “We hate Vučić”. That is fine. That is the stance that works for me. That is the stance which…

B.Stanković: Why does it work for you?

A. Vučić: I’ll tell you why. It works for me because the most of regular people after all, when they are alone they say “Hold on, I heard everything, Vučić is disgusting, he has no charm, he is certainly terrible. He is always like… he is arrogant, he is twitching, he fights when he should and when he shouldn’t. But wait, do we today have more highways than ever? Are the salaries higher than ever?

B. Stanković: Well, we would now have to get into highways and the fact that there are more…

A. Vučić: Let it go, don’t get into that, we have them more than double now.

B. Stanković: Hold on, hold on…

A. Vučić: It’s not that, there’s no need to get into the subject very deep.

B. Stanković: But there are also more companies working on the roads than the number of kilometers built. We did the show about it.

A. Vučić: There can be as many companies as there can…

B. Stanković: Well, there cannot be a 100 subcontractors building 5 kilometers of the road.

A. Vučić: Listen, there can be, that’s their business. I am not getting into that.

B. Stanković: No, it cannot, that is the waste of money, unnecessary spending out the money.

A. Vučić: Alright. I don’t know what kind of unnecessary spending are you talking about now.

B. Stanković: Well we did the show about it.

A. Vučić: And I am sure I would agree with everything you worked on for the show. However, we have another issue here – is the number of kilometers of the highways significantly higher? Are the salaries higher? Yes, they are. Do we have more restored facades? Yes, we do. Did we do much more work? Yes, we did. Therefore, I wish there are some of the people who are more serious, more responsible, who have plans and program. I got scared when Radulovic raised in the last three months, you see how I knew, I felt it immediately – he jumped from 1,25 to 3,2. He jumped for 100%, even more than 100%. Therefore, he significantly went up in not so great numbers, but he has notably gone up when he started talking about the issues only, not about “I hate Vučić” or “I hate Vučić for doing this or that”. And the others, they all have drastic falls, all of them. Janković fell from 17 to only 8.

B. Stanković: Alright, this really isn’t… We are not going to analyze the opposition now. Let’s see, does it bother you, does it annoy you when you hear that you are a dictator?

A. Vučić: No, It does not bother me at all, it makes me laugh.

B. Stanković: You don’t mind?

A. Vučić: I laugh at it because it’s a notorious falsehood, because today social media is what is, social networks are used by 78% of Serbian citizens in many different ways. It is the absolute freedom without any restrictions, unlike even democratic Germany, and many other countries.

B. Stanković: Alright, but that cannot be a proof of the freedom of speech – social networks.

A. Vučić: Just the moment, I have just started talking about the freedom. So, the social networks are entirely free, opposed to other, the most democratic countries. We have the largest cable provider that participates with its television, which is placed as a number 1 in 80% of households in Serbia, they run a 24/7 campaign against me and against the government.

B. Stanković: But where, where is that campaign? I don’t see it anywhere. 

A. Vučić: Well, you don’t see it, but I think the citizens do.

B. Stanković: Well what is the campaign?

A. Vučić: The campaign promotes hatred against me, first of all against me, and against all the results of the government achieved.

B. Stanković: And do you watch that channel television?

A. Vučić: I watch it every day, I enjoy it.

B. Stanković: And you found that that is a campaign?

A. Vučić: Yes, I found it as such.

B. Stanković: Because they ask questions?

A. Vučić: No one asked me any question there.

B. Stanković: Well because they ask in general?

A. Vučić: No one there, no one asked anyone any questions. It runs 24 hours a day, I suppose have a right to have my own judgment, stance, they work freely, I wish them to keep working like that forever, I want them to progress, to have more money, to have higher salaries since that is good, they will contribute in higher and better score, more will be spent - I wish them all the best.

B. Stanković: But you say “I wish them all the best” and then you come and say “American television N1”

A. Vučić: Why are you bothered by it? Isn’t it?

B. Stanković: What’s the big deal? Why, how am I related to N1?

A. Vučić: Did I say “It’s bad because it’s an American television”?

B. Stanković: Well why do you say that then? What does American television mean?

A. Vučić: Nothing, just for people to know.

B. Stanković: To know what?

A. Vučić: How else should I address them? They may not have heard of N1, I want to help them, to remind them that it is an American television.

B. Stanković: Aham. That’s why.

A. Vučić: Well, yes. I even say Russian Sputnjik. Why don’t you complain about that?

B. Stanković: I didn’t hear you saying that.

A. Vučić: Oh, you didn’t hear.

B. Stanković: Saying it with such an attitude.

A. Vučić: With what, what kind of attitude?

B. Stanković: Well that you don’t want to answer the question, that you always have…

A. Vučić: I always answer the questions to N1.

B. Stanković: Well, you answer, but you always have some…

A. Vučić: I always answer the questions to the American television N1, always. Unlike…

B. Stanković: No, I just don’t understand what does “American” mean?

A. Vučić: Unlike everyone else who won’t…

B. Stanković:  Ok, American, but what’s the big deal?

A. Vučić: Nothing. Just that. American television N1. Why are you bothered by that?

B. Stanković: Well I’m not bothered at all.

A. Vučić: Why would anyone be bothered?

B. Stanković: What I don’t understand is to what Serbia are you referring to when you keep saying “American”, I don’t know, “media gets money”…

A. Vučić: I am referring to all the citizens of Serbia. Don’t they get?

B. Stanković: So what if they do?

A. Vučić: Well nothing, I just want people to know that they do, what’s the issue there?

B. Stanković: Alright. But why don’t you be honest and say why do they get the money for?

A. Vučić: They get the money for the various types of projects that mainly aims towards criticism of executive authorities.

B. Stanković: No, but for the subjects of public interests.

A. Vučić: But the fact they’re called subjects of public interest, I will remind the citizens of one of the subjects of the public interest that is highly paid for, they have been rewarded for and was notorious lie and it was about pumping out the water from Kolubara after the horrible floods, which even the World Bank officially confirmed, that it was the biggest lie and that the money was sent from the outside. And the money was obtained from the outside so that they could speak badly about the government, so that they could speak badly about its president, and so on. But this is not controversial, that's all in accordance with the law. All I am asking for is…

B. Stanković: Well if it’s not controversial, why… What’s your idea exactly?

A. Vučić: My idea?

B. Stanković: Do you want to… 

A. Vučić: I want people to know that. The end. Nothing else.

B. Stanković: To know what?

A. Vučić: Everything that is transparent.

B. Stanković: To know that there are projects, that that's not the money brought in bags from outside, that it was not someone who financed those media.

A. Vučić: Well it was brought in bags, except it was deposited to the account, there is nothing controversial about it.

B. Stanković: Well that is against the Law.

A. Vučić: Well it’s not against the Law if it goes to the account, if it’s in bags or on the account. You know, the world had progressed, you do not have to bring it in bags anymore.

B. Stanković: Well wait a second, you are talking about international organizations that serve as donors. That exists everywhere in the world.

A. Vučić: Why are you bothered if someone says so?

B. Stanković: Well, I think I have the right to… We do not apply for the topics, let’s say, which is why I think I have the right to say you that.

A. Vučić: Of course you have the rights. But why are you bothered when I say so?

B. Stanković: I am bothered because I don’t know what your idea is.

A. Vučić: Why do you care what my idea is?

B. Stanković: How do you mean why? Do you want media to disappear?

A. Vučić: I just want people to know. And I don’t want them to disappear, I want them to be wealthier.

B. Stanković: Wait, how do you expect some small media to survive if they don’t have advertisements?

A. Vučić: Well that media, some of them did not even exist.

B. Stanković: What do you mean they did not exist?

A. Vučić: Well, they didn’t. When did Cins, Krik, Birn and I don’t know who else exist? When did they exist?

B. Stanković: But what exactly is the idea? To shut them down?

A. Vučić: No. The idea is to work even more, but for people to know.

B. Stanković: To work how?

A. Vučić: But for people to know.

B. Stanković: To work how?

A. Vučić: Well, nothing else.

B. Stanković: So, they need to apply somewhere, is that right?

A. Vučić: Great. What’s the problem? Why are you bothered if that is revealed?

B. Stanković: No, what bothers me is that straw man argument…

A. Vučić: What straw man argument?

B. Stanković: It bothers me since that is how you accuse all journalists.

A. Vučić: I’m not accusing anyone.

B. Stanković: You out them all in the same boat.

A. Vučić: I’m not accusing anyone.

B. Stanković: And you are saying: “They are foreign mercenaries”

A. Vučić: I’m not accusing anyone. I never said that anyone is a foreign mercenary, nor a traitor, nor anything else. Try to find it and you won’t find it anywhere.

B. Stanković: You said: “There is no investigative journalism”. Yes, there is investigative journalism.

A. Vučić: Do not confuse what I said about the other things. First you said that I called someone a foreign mercenary, you made that up, I never said that.

B. Stanković: No, I didn’t make it up.

A. Vučić: Yes, you made it up.

B. Stanković: Well, maybe you didn’t say “foreign mercenary”, but that’s what it meant.

A. Vučić: You made it up.

B. Stanković: “they get money from the outside”

A. Vučić: I didn’t say anyone is a foreign mercenary, you made that up.

B. Stanković: And what’s the difference?

A. Vučić: I said that someone was donated, donated from the outside, in accordance with the law. My only wish is for people in Serbia to know that. And why do you mind if a television is American?

B. Stanković: I don’t mind it at all.

A. Vučić: Do you have something against Americans so you mind it?

B. Stanković: Well, I don’t quite understand that question, but alright.

A. Vučić: Well I didn’t understand your question why you mind if I tell the truth as well.

B. Stanković: Well yes, but I’m not saying “American television” and whatnot.

A. Vučić: I do say American television. Why are you bothered if I say American television?

B. Stanković: I just wanted to know, why do you say that?

A. Vučić: Because I like it that way.

B. Stanković: Why do you care about it so much, I think it’s kind of…

A. Vučić: I really like to tell the truth to the people. I say American television N1 so they wouldn’t think something else, but to know the truth.

B. Stanković: Alright, we have a few more things to…

A. Vučić: You gave up?

B. Stanković: No, I don’t give up. But, you’ve limited my time – first you said an hour, now you say 40 minutes. And they’re cutting us off now.

A. Vučić: Go ahead.

B. Stanković: Do you have a little more time?

A. Vučić: We agreed 5 more minutes.

B. Stanković: Well, we cannot make it in 5, just 7 minutes more

A. Vučić: Alright.

B. Stanković: I have to ask you, what function does your brother have in the Serbian Progressive Party?

A. Vučić: Well, he is there from the very beginning. When you lose in your argument and when it turns out that I was telling the truth, then you will…

B. Stanković: Well, weren’t telling the truth, but I don’t have time.

A. Vučić: Thank you for that, it’s very nice of you to say that.

B. Stanković: But you weren’t telling the truth about the media.

A. Vučić: It’s polite enough this way. I was telling the essential truth. I was telling the essential truth.

B. Stanković: Ok, now let’s talk about…

A. Vučić: …Like there are two Greek televisions, let’s continue about the media. Two Greek televisions that Tadic and Djilas brought in our country, where this interview will be broadcasted, that also in all of their shows there is a brutal campaign against me, never anything for me or for the government. So, nothing ever in a single show, ever.

B. Stanković: And do you think all the media that work for the government should be…

A. Vučić: No, I was referring to the media that speak against the government, and you think there are media that work for the government.

B. Stanković: Well, there are.

A. Vučić: And that’s how you harass them. So as you can see, that’s how you separate them, not me. You just did that, not me.

B. Stanković: I’m not separating them, that’s a fact.

A. Vučić: So, you did that, not me. Therefore, since I didn’t…

B. Stanković: I think that media should do their job

A. Vučić: Because I think whenever you lose in an open argument, you start: oh, your brother, your that one. What about my brother, go ahead.

B. Stanković: There, you are angry again when I ask you a question.

A. Vučić: I am not angry at all, quite the opposite, I am very glad and I want you to ask me everything about my brother.

B. Stanković: Well it’s not true that I lost the argument. We can talk about media…

A. Vučić: You lost by far.

B. Stanković: No, I did not.

A. Vučić: The people of Serbia will hear.

B. Stanković: Ok. I lost the argument, but we’ll come back to that.

A. Vučić: You lost catastrophically, trust me.

B. Stanković: You are right.

A. Vučić: Of course I am. I’m an expert for that, trust me.

B. Stanković: Nevermind, I just want to know whether he has functions, and what are his functions?

A.Vučić: He is with us in the party from the beginning, and he is the member of the Main Committee. I don’t know if anything else, but I think that he’s only a member of the Main Committee and nothing else. He doesn’t have any public functions, he didn’t get anything in any way, and he didn’t took anything. He’s still paying off his loan in Swiss francs for his apartment he bought a long time ago. I don’t know what else you are interested in.

B. Stanković: Well I’m interested in… You said in 2008, when you were leaving Serbian Radical Party, to the journalists’ question where you are going to work, you said: “I will work, I have my profession, maybe I will engage in some stock market jobs, and I will assist my brother in running a company”. Later on, when it turned out that there is a company registered to the fake identity card of your brother, Asomakum…

A.Vučić: That company didn’t even exist back then, let alone him being accused of that. You miscalculated the time.

B. Stanković: No, no, Asomakum has been established in 2010. I wanted to ask you, in 2008 when you were saying that…

A.Vučić: Yes we were planning to engage in private business, but we didn’t. Because I got into politics again.

B. Stanković: Fine, and why do you think…

A.Vučić: Go ahead, what else would you like to know?

B. Stanković: Well, I would like to know why you think that questions about your brother… if he’s assisting in establishing…

A.Vučić: I will tell you.

B. Stanković: Just to ask you… In establishing different municipal organizations, local municipal committees?

A. Vučić: That’s his job in the party.

B. Stanković: But then, why is that a problem, asking a question about that?

A. Vučić: Who said that? I’m telling you…

B. Stanković: Do you think that you with your reaction…

A. Vučić: I’m telling you, go ahead, ask whatever you want.

B. Stanković: Well, that’s what I was curious about. But I want to know whether you…

A. Vučić: What else do you want to know? About my brother. Go ahead.

B. Stanković: Well see, you’re reacting like this.

A. Vučić: Well, I’m asking you, please, ask me a question.

B. Stanković: Like it’s not a legitimate question. I wanted to ask you…

A. Vučić: I’m saying it’s a legitimate question, ask me whatever you want.

B. Stanković: Well I have asked you.

A. Vučić: Fine.

B. Stanković: Yes, why aren’t they legitimate questions if he is somehow a party functioneer?

A. Vučić: He is not a party functioneer. That is, he is one of… 

B. Stanković: I mean, why are you looking at that like – your brother…

A. Vučić: He is one of 600 and some people. I’ll tell you why that is the matter. Because, my brother, you know, unlike thieves and pickpockets that assaulted him from different political parties, never stole anything. He go away from all of it. He doesn’t have a single public function. He helps his brother and loves the party we are both a part of. He helps in a way of being very diligent and every day, that’s why it bothers them. There are two reason why they are irritated by him – he made one mistake because he gave one statement in his life. There are two reasons: the first one is that he is very hardworking and that he visits all our municipal committees at least two or three times a year. Every afternoon, almost every afternoon, at least 300 days in a year, he goes to one of the municipal committees. It hard to find such hardworking people. He goes to talk to people, to see if they are being appreciated, if they are being contacted, asked to be spoken to, to see what kind of issues they have, what kind of problems they’re facing. His second big mistake is the fact that it’s not easy to find activists like him. Now, there is also an army of other people working alongside him and I am very grateful that someone is visiting our people, that someone can ask them about various. This second thing is his great mistake after which the pursuit for him began, which is, after he was beaten down, which was recorded by American N1 television, they started some kind of pursuit after him as if he started something himself and whatnot. Of course he didn’t. And of course everything will turn out to be a lie. But it was pursued all along. Why was it pursued? Because only a day after, Janković and Devenport said that if he complained to them that they would be able to help. Andrej’s mistake was probably the biggest one and because all of that he had to put up with all those lies, that he is the owner of Franš, that he had raked off that person from Subotica who he has never seen in his life. I don’t think he ever stepped into Franš, let alone owned it. There wasn’t a lie that wasn’t linked with that. And that’s why I said you can ask any question you want regarding that matter, as you can see. And it’s not really easy when you have to protect your family members who are not guilty and have to answer for that because of you. Andrej made a mistake because he wrote a public letter where he addressed Devenport: “I don’t need you, I don’t need Saša Janković, I’m interested in State authorities. I don’t want any strangers interfering in what I was beaten down there and then”. And that was his biggest mistake. At that moment they realized that he is the one that has some different opinions from me in some things, that we don’t always agree. I am, how would I say that, always for the European path for Serbia. He is also, but… If I can call it that way. And that was obvious and that’s why there was so much pressure on him after that. And that attempt of criminalization and stories of how we are all the same – we are not all the same and I will never allow for everyone to be the same. I haven’t stolen a dime. Every one of these bottled waters that you paid for since we’re in your studio…

B. Stanković: Ok, but we haven’t stolen either. What kind of argument is that?

A. Vučić: I think that is the most serious argument. Whoever is the authority…

B. Stanković: Why do you answer that…?

A. Vučić: I will tell you right away. I am proud that I haven’t stolen anything, that I didn’t become wealthy, that I do my job diligently. The only thing that is left – to criminalize a family because no one, not a single person feels comfortable listening to that, and then they think – well hey, you know, it will hurt him, it will antagonize him and then we will be able to do whatever. Do whatever you want. Have I ever refused to give an answer to American television or B92 or Prva or any other?

B. Stanković: If you would answer me…

A. Vučić: I have never. You do your job in accordance with law, just give me a right to think with my own head and to say what I think of your work, as you have the right to say what you think of my work. Which I think is quite fair.

B. Stanković: What actually happened, since you said that this was made up, what actually happened is that unknown individuals demolished with excavators, in the middle of a night, someone else’s private property. The investigation hasn’t even begun.

A. Vučić: That is not a private property, that is a deprived property, but I’m not going to get into that now, I agree with you and I expect it to be solved. 

B. Stanković: Why hasn’t the Minister of Internal Affairs, Nebojša Stefanović, been replaced?

A. Vučić: Why would the Minister of Internal Affairs be replaced?

B. Stanković: Because the police hasn’t been doing their job that night.  

A. Vučić: That can be confirmed with the court ruling, not with your conclusion.

B. Stanković: What have I…? And here you are again changing the subject. 

A. Vučić: Well you or whoever made that conclusion. No, it’s you changing the subject.

B. Stanković: Well, they admitted that themselves. 

A. Vučić: Who admitted?

B. Stanković: There is a... There is an internal control that was working at the time.

A. Vučić: For whoever made that mistake… The internal control that works, it’s known – there is a disciplinary action, either a dismissal or a criminal charge. And that job is handled by police.

B. Stanković: Police never showed up that night at the request of citizens.

A. Vučić: Police has already done that job but I have, let me help you out, I fully agree with you. And I want that to be completely cleared up.

B. Stanković: Well has the Prosecutor’s Office called you to make a statement?

A. Vučić: The Prosecutor’s Office hasn’t called me, I said what I think.

B. Stanković: How is that possible?

A. Vučić: The Prosecutor’s Office hasn’t called me, I said…

B. Stanković: But you said you know.

A. Vučić: I didn’t say I know, you misinterpret again. I remember my words perfectly, I said: “I believe and I think that, I have no proof of it, that this was handled by City authorities”.

B. Stanković: Ok, you said that Siniša Mali will... 

A. Vučić: I said: “Siniša Mali won’t be a candidate for mayor”.

B. Stanković: But you said that, by the end of summer, he won’t have his function anymore.

A. Vučić: Well we’re going to have elections now so it won’t be before the end of…

B. Stanković: Well ok, but you said that he will lose his function by the end of summer at the latest.

A. Vučić: Fine, summer has ended about 15 days ago.

B. Stanković: And why won’t he…? Was that supposed to be some kind of political responsibility…?

A. Vučić: No, I made a mistake there. I made a mistake of not protecting him better.

B. Stanković: And why would you protect him if he’s guilty?

A. Vučić: Let’s separate two things - first: I want and I wish as much as you – that everything is investigated and that the offenders are punished.

B. Stanković: But you know that

A. Vučić: What do I know?

B. Stanković: The only question is why that’s not…

A. Vučić: Excuse me, what do I know?

B. Stanković:  Well, you know. You obviously know who’s behind it.

A. Vučić: No, I can assume.

B. Stanković: Director of the police department in the statement... 

A. Vučić: But now you’re insinuating things that you would like to know, but you don’t, so you speculate. So, what I knew…

B. Stanković: Ok, we’re speculating. 

A. Vučić: Well, you cannot know if I know something or I don’t. And you even want to convince me…

B. Stanković: Well, because it’s very clear.

A. Vučić: And you even want to convince me that you know that better than I do. You know better than me if I know something or not.

B. Stanković: But why does the Hercegovačka case remain unsolved?

A. Vučić: You have to ask the Prosecutor’s Office.

B. Stanković: Which is independent in their work?

A. Vučić: No, prosecution, you have to be familiar with the law, manages their work on their own.

B. Stanković: Well, that’s it, on their own and independently. 

A. Vučić: And judiciary is independent. 

B. Stanković: Yes

A. Vučić: That’s not the same, but nevermind. 

B. Stanković: I apologize for this error. But let me just ask you – fine, you keep insisting, I know you are going to cut me off in two minutes, I won’t be able to ask you a lot more. When Gašić, when you appointed Gašić, Gašić was one of the ministers that was replaced on account of this public proceeding…

A. Vučić: That’s right, and no one has ever done that before, not even when much more significant things were in question. Like when Šutanovac was insulting our female members of the Parliament in the most horrible way. No one even remembers what exactly he said. Like when Ješić was saying it and no one cared. Like when Janković was saying it and no one cared. “I’m sorry” was enough. For Gašić, saying sorry a 100 times was not enough, he was replaced, and for a year he was nothing.

B. Stanković: Fine, and when you decided to appoint him as a chief of the Security and Information Agency (BIA), you said: “Gašić managed a year and a half without a function”. That’s the quote.

A. Vučić: Fine.

B. Stanković: What does “managed” mean? Why is the question of function the matter of life and death?

A. Vučić: It’s not the question of function, I’ve made a mistake. It’s not. It’s the question of function for the others. It’s the question for people who had functions, because they usually start saying that it’s everyone else’s fault. Gašić kept silent, he was working, did he get it? I think he got the punishment he deserved. Maybe it was too harsh, but it was, I think, deserved and I think that it was important to serve as some kind of a warning for all the others, how they should treat people.

B. Stanković: But later on, you rewarded him.

A. Vučić: Well what does that mean? I rewarded him for other things. He’s been punished for a year and a half.

B. Stanković: To be appointed as a chief of the Security and Information Agency, right?

A. Vučić: But he’s been punished for a year and a half. For a year and a half, because of his reckless action, he has returned, he was doing other jobs, and so on. 

B. Stanković: But was that the best choice for the director of a Security and Information Agency?

A. Vučić: Well check the results. I think it was a very good choice.

B. Stanković: Aleksandar Vulin. I have to ask that as well, and I have the media, and we’re done.

A. Vučić: And do you have… I have only one question before you finish, but finish it, since you have exceeded what you said is going to be 7 minutes, but now it doesn’t matter, so it doesn’t end up like I was avoiding your questions. Do you have anything else about me and my family?

B. Stanković: Well, I do.

A. Vučić: Go ahead.

B. Stanković: Why do you take everything so personally? I’m just asking you, I don’t have any questions about you and your family.

A. Vučić: I just wanted to be…

B. Stanković: But I would like to know why you took everything so personally.

A. Vučić: How could you not take it personally, when they are dragging in your family members?

B. Stanković: But wait, your brother is, you said, the member of the Main Committee. I wanted to ask…

A. Vučić: He is the member of the Main Committee – do you know how many members are there?

B. Stanković: Ok, but you said that he is assisting in Committee establishing.

A. Vučić: He’s not assisting in establishing, he is not assisting in establishing...

B. Stanković: He is handling situations on-field, that’s what Nebojša Stefanović said. He said: ”Andrej Vučić is assisting our party in Municipal Committees establishing” and so on.

A. Vučić: That’s what I’ve told you as well.

B. Stanković: And because of that, I’ve asked you why…

A. Vučić: We have all the Municipal Committees established.

B. Stanković: Why isn’t that a legitimate question? That’s not the question about your brother.

A. Vučić: I said it’s legitimate.

B. Stanković: Then ok.

A. Vučić: And I asked you to proceed.

B. Stanković: I have no more questions about your brother.

A. Vučić: Thank you. If you have any about anyone else, please.

B. Stanković: I have, about Vulin, yes.

A. Vučić: But he’s not the member of my family.

B. Stanković: It’s almost like he is. Since you are protecting him as much.

A. Vučić: I thought he’s a member of your family.

B. Stanković: Why my family?

A. Vučić: Well, why my family?

B. Stanković: Well, ok. Have you managed to, since you recently said that you don’t know which announcement is it about, that was, they were making announcements every day…

A. Vučić: I didn’t watch his announcements, I can tell you what I think about all of that.

B. Stanković: You don’t know that he called…

A. Vučić: No. I can tell you what I think about that whole case. For me that was very difficult and I told him, and I personally criticized him for the way, not knowing the whole essence of it. I told him – do you know that someone was talking about the aunt’s couch. That was Boža Đelić, remembered among people as one of the greatest thieves. I wouldn’t say it that way, I would say, as a man who participated in various larceny privatizations in different ways. He referred to the aunt’s couch. I said – why aunt of all people? And he told me – I told the truth.

B. Stanković: So, you don’t believe in that story either?

A. Vučić: I’m telling you what the course of our conversation was.

B. Stanković: Well yes, but when you say “Why aunt of all people?” that means that he didn’t say…

A. Vučić: And he said to me: “Believe it or not, I told the truth”. I said: “Can you explain to me when that happened”. And then he said to me: “Well, that was before we came to power”. I said: “Fine, but why didn’t you use that argument to say – I was trying to justify myself or not justify, it’s my private property. Since I came to power, the value of my assets hasn’t or has been increased, or decreased. But to explain that for the period that you are accountable for.

B. Stanković: But why does it matter if he was in power?

A. Vučić: Please, it’s very, it’s extremely important.

B. Stanković: Why?

A. Vučić: Did he, the first question asked is whether he become wealthy while being in power or not. Did he become rich by having…?

B. Stanković: He was a Member of the Parliament and Director of the Office for Kosovo, right?

A. Vučić: No, no, no, no. He wasn’t the Director of the Office for Kosovo back then. He was nothing until then.

B. Stanković: How? But why did he register his assets if he was nothing?

A. Vučić: Well, because he was either a Member of the Parliament, or a committee member.

B. Stanković: Well, he was a Member of Parliament.

A. Vučić: But he was an oppositional Member of the Parliament or I don’t know what. He was at that moment…

B. Stanković: He became the Director of the Office in that period.

A. Vučić: Well, no. No, Brankica. He became the Director of the Office for Kosovo later in August. 

B. Stanković: He did, and the Anti-Corruption Agency suspects that the job assigned at the time of your leadership, i.e. the Government back in that period, and while he was the head of the Office for Kosovo, for video surveillance system installation in Zvečan, that it was a suspicious job.

A. Vučić: It has nothing to do with that, since the apartment was bought a year before.

B. Stanković: Not a year before, but they think that it should be investigated. And it’s still classified. I mean, I know that case because we were making a serial.

A. Vučić: This is the first time I’m hearing about that. So, I’m confident that he didn’t steal anything. I’m confident that he didn’t steal anything.

B. Stanković: But why are you? But competent institutions are not confident.

A. Vučić: Just listen. I’m asking competent institutions, there, I’m asking the Anti-Corruption Agency, I’m asking everyone…

B. Stanković: They’ve done their part of the job.

A. Vučić: I’m asking everyone to do their job and to investigate it all the way through. And to investigate even if it’s been stopped once already and said that there were no problems.

B. Stanković: No, it has never been initiated.

 A. Vučić: Here, I’m asking you, initiate it.

 B. Stanković: The Prosecutor’s Office has never initiated…

 A. Vučić: Here, I’m asking, if I may, I simply don’t have legal ground, but here, I’m asking them to initiate it. Here, I’m asking them to initiate it and to assist us with this matter. It’s just that it’s done before. There is something else there. And that’s the political matter.

 B. Stanković: Political, again?

 A. Vučić: No, no, it’s not, not a persecution.  There’s a political question for Vulin to explain. For that he has to find the answer, but it has nothing to do with him coming into money while being in power and with criminal responsibility.

 B. Stanković: It’s not about coming into money here, but about some money that can’t be proved.

 A. Vučić: Well what is that? Tomato, tomato.

 B. Stanković: Well wait, but that’s what competent institutions of this state have said.

 A. Vučić: Well they didn’t say.

 B. Stanković: They did. The Agency…

 A. Vučić: They didn’t.

 B. Stanković: But is the Anti-Corruption Agency…

 A. Vučić: But if it said, let that go what Agency said…

 B. Stanković: Is the Anti-Corruption Agency competent institution or not?

 A. Vučić: Let it go, it’s competent for something, and for something else it’s not. The Anti-Corruption Agency has initiated the procedure. Tell me what is the result of that procedure? What is the result, Brankica, of that procedure?

 B. Stanković: Well, the Prosecutor’s Office didn’t want to react. Maybe it didn’t want politically, maybe doesn’t work on its own.

 A. Vučić: Let it go. I would like to, with Zaga Dolovac, appointed by Democratic Party. Can you not, please? 

 B. Stanković: So, why have you retained Zagorka Dolovac?

 A. Vučić: Well, because I think that prosecutors and judges should not be replaced just like that. Because I think that working on their own and independence should be supported, and because that’s how it’s done in normal countries.

B. Stanković: And she is still an official of Democratic Party, is that you want to say.

 A. Vučić: No, I don’t want to say that she is still an official of Democratic Party, I hope that even back then she wasn’t an official of Democratic Party.

 B. Stanković: Well, now you’ve said that she is.

 A. Vučić: She was appointed by Democratic Party.

 B. Stanković: Well fine, it meant that, ok, that she is not…

 A. Vučić: That’s it. But I will not answer for anyone else. I have confidence in his work.

 B. Stanković: But why are you protecting everyone, why does it matter if you have confidence? You are not a prosecutor, a judge…

 A. Vučić: Well I’m not, I’m telling you, let the prosecutor do their job.

 B. Stanković: But you are saying “I have confidence” and then all of them give up and say ok.

 A. Vučić: Well, that’s not why they give up.

 B. Stanković: Well, that’s my impression, maybe it’s wrong. They’re all waiting to see what you are going to say.

 A. Vučić: I think that’s not true.

 B. Stanković: Just something else regarding the media, a very important topic, we’ve run out of time, but what can I do, I hope that you will come again. Are you aware of how difficult it is to be a journalist in Serbia today?

 A. Vučić: It’s different for everyone.

 B. Stanković: It’s difficult to get information, verify it, publish a liable information, not make any mistakes.

 A. Vučić: If it’s difficult for you and if I can help you in any way, I want to help.

 B. Stanković: No, but you should, you shouldn’t underestimate that work.

 A. Vučić: I don’t underestimate it, I am telling you now

 B. Stanković: It’s not you that should help us, you should…

 A. Vučić: If I can help in any way with my public saying, I will help you.

B. Stanković: Well, wait. You always…


A. Vučić: I’m asking everyone to be as transparent as they can be, the way I’m trying to be transparent and always available to you. In every possible way…

B. Stanković: Yes, from your story the journalism is stultified.

A. Vučić: I don’t think that journalism is…

B. Stanković: It turns out that all journalists work on someone’s order.

A. Vučić: First of all, that’s not true. That’s what you’re saying, you from your end have made by yourself supposedly…

B. Stanković: Who are we?

A. Vučić: Well, you are saying “They are working for the Government“. First of all no one is working for anyone. No one is working for anyone, because those who are “supposed” to work, for the Government, they are also on RTS…

B. Stanković: Why would they work for the Government? That’s a public broadcaster.

A. Vučić: I’m saying, “supposed” to.

B. Stanković: But that’s what they’re doing.

A. Vučić: What are they doing?

B. Stanković: Well, I see that they have a very moderate program, right?

A. Vučić: I don’t understand what you wanted you say. Are they for or against the Government?

B. Stanković: Well, they are neither working against you, nor for you.

A. Vučić: So, you are praising them, you are saying that they work well?

B. Stanković: Well, I’m not praising them, I mean, I don’t get into analyzing RTS, but that’s my impression, so…that’s a decent program.

A. Vučić: Fine. That’s your opinion, a lot of people are criticizing me and saying that I’ve conducted a dictatorship there, even though I haven’t brought a single person, not a single one.

B. Stanković: But you are criticizing RTS…

A. Vučić: I am. I have the right to think with my own head.

B. Stanković: …for not supporting you every step of the way.

A. Vučić: No, I have the right, not every step of the way. There are countless things I could say, but I will point out one of them, while I’m talking about different sides, which was the most horrible, the most horrible that it’s possible, and I don’t know how anyone can talk to me about objectivity afterwards. I have my own head. Since I’m allowing you to tell me what you think about everything and not getting angry, but answering, allow me to have the right to tell what I think as well. You will not convince me that American television N1 is objective. Here is the evidence on RTS.

B. Stanković: I’m not talking about that at all, I haven’t analyzed that, but I’m telling you...

A. Vučić: Here, I will tell you why.

B. Stanković: Well, no, you’re saying – RTS is working against you

A. Vučić: No, I will tell you what the evidence is.

B. Stanković: …I’m telling you it’s not...

A. Vučić: I will state the evidence.

B. Stanković: …On the contrary. Which one?

A. Vučić: I will state you the evidence. In the campaign, 8 days before the election silence, Vuk Jeremić went to some television, and he was saying all kinds of abominations, notorious lies, fictions, because the man doesn’t have any politics about anything, about my family. Milenko Jovanov has made a mistake, but he responded in the same way with complete absurds, so it can be seen how pointless it is what Vuk Jeremić is doing. And then 13 of them from RTS, 5 of them went to the election headquarters of Vuk Jeremić to cry and whine how horrible those things that are happening to them are, like they didn’t actually do it, like they didn’t actually produce it. They put themselves directly to that political side, they went to the election headquarters. The others reacted to that in a different way. And if it’s about the colleague, well then, why don’t you react for my mother who spent 25 years in RTS? And for whom you say… that some Albanian is my father.

B. Stanković: Who says?

A. Vučić: Well, the media are saying every day, you didn’t say...

B. Stanković: Well, fine, let’s not…

A. Vučić: Well, let’s not talk about the media.

B. Stanković: Well which media? Which media, Mr. Vučić?

A. Vučić: For example Tabloid, which Boško Obradović and Vuk Jeremić are refering to

B. Stanković: Tabloid is a media? Tabloid is a media?

A. Vučić: Yes, that media they are refering to in National Assembly and which they are reading. 

B. Stanković: The Members of Parliament are reading it? I think that the citizens don’t know that Tabloid exists.

A. Vučić: Yes, the Members of Parliament are reading it. The citizens know. 10,000 issues are being sold, twice more than Danas. They know it that much.

B. Stanković: Which media is relevant for you?

A. Vučić: Every media is relevant to me.

B. Stanković: Which one has the credibility?

A. Vučić: Credibility?

B. Stanković: Which is the media you have nothing to say to?

A. Vučić: For me the credibility means that they have accurate information.

B. Stanković: Do such media exist?

A. Vučić: I’m afraid that here, there is something which is maybe too much cheering, which is the right of the private media. American TV N1 has the right to cheer. RTS doesn’t. American TV N1 has the right to cheer.

B. Stanković: Fine. The editorial policy is one thing...

A. Vučić: And my right is to say that I don’t consider that objective. The Greek has the right, on B92, as well as on Prva, to cheer. Željko Mitrović has the right to cheer, each of them have the right. RTS doesn’t.

B. Stanković: But none of them has the right, the editorial policy is one thing, and the other thing is if someone is confronting everyone who dared to say something on your behalf.

A. Vučić: No one is confronting on my behalf, they are confronting me and my family, without my right to respond.

B. Stanković: Well, wait…

A. Vučić: Without my right to respond.

B. Stanković: Ok. That’s just one side.

A. Vučić: And that’s just one side. Thank you, because that has come out of you mouth. Thank you because that’s fair. Now, I can accept that there are mistakes on the other side as well. But they are here…

B. Stanković: Of course there are. And a campaign to be run on your behalf.

A. Vučić: No one should run a campaign on my behalf.

B. Stanković: Well, why are you allowing that?

A. Vučić: It’s not about allowing it or not, I am loud enough, brave enough as well, as you know, and it seems to me, not that dumb as someone would like me to be, to answer every question. And, as you see, I didn’t have any problem answering every question you imagined, or thought of, to come and to answer for more than an hour, even though we agreed for 40 minutes.

B. Stanković: And, will Željko Mitrović conclude tomorrow that this is a scandal, so we’ll have a minute or two…

A. Vučić: Željko Mitrović won’t conclude, as you know, because he respects you.

B. Stanković: Željko Mitrović respects me?

A. Vučić: I’ve heard that from him countless times. And also, I’m only afraid…

B. Stanković: I wanted to talk about a matrix.

A. Vučić: …that if American TV and RTS make a feature after this, about me being too broadminded on your show and then you got into trouble. From them, and not just me…

B. Stanković: Well, fine, we are used to that. I don’t have a problem with that at all.

A. Vučić: Then, we’ll be in the same boat.

B. Stanković: But, this is a normal conversation, right?

A. Vučić:. I agree.

B. Stanković: Have you heard of the Group for media freedom.

A. Vučić: I don’t know what that is.

B. Stanković: You don’t know what that is? It gathers more than 100 organizations, newspaper associations and so on. They were founded after the shutting down of Vranjske newspaper, which existed…

A. Vučić: Vranjske newspaper which we helped out 4 times more than the previous Government.

B. Stanković: How did you help them out?

A. Vučić: Well, the Serbian Government.

B. Stanković: What’s that straw man argument? Wait. You helped them out?

A. Vučić: The Serbian Government helped out, while I was the head of it.

B. Stanković: Just be fair now, and say that that’s simply not true.

A. Vučić: No, that’s absolutely true.

B. Stanković: You are speaking as if you personally made the decision…

A. Vučić: I didn’t make a personal decision. The Government of Serbia.

B. Stanković: …or the Serbian Government decided to help someone? No, the Serbian Government by the Law on Public Information…

A. Vučić: The Serbian Government gave the money.

B. Stanković: That’s not true.

A. Vučić: Than who gave the money? The Ministry of Information.

B. Stanković: So, by the Law on Public Information, that’s called project co-financing or financing, right?

A. Vučić: In the end, the Serbian Government is making a decision about that. And the Serbian Government is paying.

B. Stanković: Is that your money or of the citizens of Serbia?

A. Vučić: Let that story go. That’s the money of the citizens of Serbia.

B. Stanković: Well, I won’t let that story go.

A. Vučić:. You will let the story go, because it has always been talked about that. Is that the Government’s fault if someone didn’t enter the market? What’s the Government’s fault, tell me, what’s the President’s fault in that?

B. Stanković: Well, the first thing you said after that, was that you helped them.

A. Vučić: What’s the President’s fault in that?

B. Stanković: And why are you keeping a secret, for example, that much more…

A. Vučić: What’s the Government’s fault, tell me, what’s the President’s fault in that?

B. Stanković: Well, now you’re repeating the same things. I can’t say anything.

A. Vučić: Tell me. Why can’t you say anything?

B. Stanković: Well how, I start telling you and then you’re like “Go ahead, tell me”. Here…

A. Vučić: Well, tell me. 

B. Stanković: Well, I’m telling you. You’re not telling the truth. When you say…

A. Vučić: I’m telling the absolute truth.

B. Stanković: You’re not Mr. Vučić. That is the money of citizens of Serbia. According to the Law of public information, project funding exists so that project that are of public interest can be funded, is that right?

A. Vučić: Fine. So in that period of Aleksandar Vučić’s and Ana Brnabić’s Government, Vranjske newspapers’ projects were more recognized that in the period Democratic Party’s Government.

B. Stanković: No, that only means that they maybe applied for some, I don’t really know.

A. Vučić: So, in the period of Aleksandar Vučić’s Government they applied more often with their projects and were obtaining much more money than in the period of Democratic Party’s Government.

B. Stanković: Then why do you keep passing over that much more money...

A. Vučić: Is that correct? Is that correct, Brankica?

B. Stanković: You keep passing over that much more money from the state is given to media that have just been established and are close to you.

A. Vučić: For example?

B. Stanković: Here, for example, Studio B for the show Beograde, dobar dan, got…

A. Vučić: They got that from the city, not from the Government.

B. Stanković: They got 23 million RSD in 2015... 

A. Vučić: From whom?

 B. Stanković: Half of the money intended for all media, so half, project funding, that is project funding.

 A. Vučić: They got it from Belgrade, Studio B is a Belgrade television, huge difference.

B. Stanković: Ok, they got, but do you know for these… 

 A. Vučić: Like those get from Vranje, in Vranje, Vranjske newspapers got it, not Studio B. Vranjske newspapers got it in Vranje.

 B. Stanković: So, Vranjske newspapers were shut down, after…

A. Vučić: You don’t even know what you are attacking me for, dear Brankica.

 B. Stanković: Ok, I don’t. If it suits you better that I don’t, I can give this... 

 A. Vučić: You don’t, and usually, it’s quite easy for me to respond to that. I would like that Vranjske…

B. Stanković: Can you please answer me…

A. Vučić: I would like that Vranjske work with 200 sold issues, or 400, I have no problems with that. As well as Danas, with 4000, or anyone else…

B. Stanković: But why, hold on. Do you advocate for one… 

A. Vučić: Don’t make a political issue out of it, because it’s not. Therefore, tell me people, what is the political issue, I do want Vranjske to exist, let me help. Tell me how much? What do I need to do to find it?

B. Stanković: Well it’s not you that should help, you have to create a system that will work in that so that…

A. Vučić: What system, to give out money, to pay for rackets?

B. Stanković: Who said that?

A. Vučić: What then?

B. Stanković: Who asked to you about rackets?

A. Vučić: Well everyone wants rackets, but I’m asking you…

B. Stanković: Well perhaps journalists you have contacts with ask for that. Excuse me, but how dare you?

A. Vučić: I would never say that.

B. Stanković: You’re now accusing… 

A. Vučić: I would never say for journalists, and you are one of the journalists that I have contact with the most, but I would never say that for journalists.

B. Stanković: You have contact with me the most?

A. Vučić: One of the journalists that I have contact with the most frequently. Therefore, to be frank, I would never say that for journalists.

B. Stanković: If this is frequent, ok, then you don’t contact anyone, you have contacts with no one. 

A. Vučić: I have few contacts… 

B. Stanković: So, when you were talking about racketeering, racketeering…

A. Vučić: That’s what everyone asks for from the state.

B. Stanković: That’s how you’ve been accusing Kurir as well, you accused them to be a racketeering media and so on, and then you made up from time to time…

A. Vučić: I haven’t made up with anyone ever.

B. Stanković: Well how do to give an exclusive statement about racketeering Kurir?

A. Vučić: I didn’t give any exclusive statements, I gave a regular statement from New York, because you would say that I didn’t give a statement. How can you not respond to one of the biggest media centers? So I’ve decided…

B. Stanković: Are they a racketeering media or not?

A. Vučić: No, they tried, at one point they made up a whole story, the most horrible story of how my brother and I and I don’t know who else, gave 130 marks to someone for a tracksuit…

B. Stanković: It’s a shame that we don’t have time to watch a feature about, it’s a chronology where that is also included.

A. Vučić: It is a shame. I’m really sorry too, besides that I really have no other contacts with that redaction. And I can’t say that they did me any good.

B. Stanković: But there is an information that they were, so 3 months were they under blockade.

A. Vučić: Alright. 

B. Stanković: Now when you take a look at the National Bank’s webpage, maybe you’ll know to explain this, because I’ve never seen anything like this. So the blockade began, you see, on 7th, that is the information from 27th of September, when you made the exclusive statement, when the blockade was over, for the last three years Kurir was under blockade for 1 day. That’s what it says.

A. Vučić: Alright. 

B. Stanković: How come 1 day when it was for 3 months?

A. Vučić: How would I know that? They were not under blockade, you have to understand something else. When the temporary decision was made according to Article 72, that has nothing to do with the blockade, you confused something, but nevermind.

B. Stanković: No, I didn’t confuse anything but fine, let’s not, we don’t have time for that. I have, I have to ask you…

A. Vučić: You did confuse, because I know finances slightly better that you do.

B. Stanković: Well, we will double-check this, rest assured.

A. Vučić: Brankica, believe me when I say, I truly love you and respect you, don’t get into finances with me, I became an expert for finances in the meantime but I don’t have a PhD.

 B. Stanković: You’ve just… 

 A. Vučić: Those are temporary measures. And temporary measures, when Tax Administration leaves someone’s house, then the temporary measures are revoked. Temporary measure was the problem, not the lack of money because of the blockade.

 B. Stanković: The whole story about Kurir is very strange, your connection, Serbia, I’m sorry, did they participate in your elective billet and so forth.

 A. Vučić: You can see with them about apologizing.

 B. Stanković: Well no, there is some kind of a background between you.

A. Vučić: I don’t have to apologize to them for anything, not today, not yesterday. I did them no harm.

 B. Stanković: I have to ask you some question regarding The Group for freedom of media – that is a group that involves a number of organizations, you must’ve heard.

 A. Vučić: Those are the freest media.

B. Stanković: Those are the media that think they have reasons, I asked them to prepare…

A. Vučić: …and that criticize all other and say that they are unfree, is that right?

 B. Stanković: …to prepare two or three questions, so are you familiar with The Group for free media?

 A. Vučić: I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking, are those the ones. Those that are free…

 B. Stanković: Well how can you not know if they…

 A. Vučić: I apologize for not knowing. 

 B. Stanković: You are not familiar with the operation “Media blackout”?

A. Vučić: No

B. Stanković: Alright. Their questions are as follows – In your discussion for the television Pink, you said that media associations got between 35 and 40 million euros for the campaign against you. Because of the Savamala case.

A. Vučić: Not media associations, media companies.

B. Stanković: The following day… This is a quote, I checked.

A. Vučić: Media companies, maybe I made a mistake.

B. Stanković: The following day you said that you will deliver the proofs for your claims, it’s been 100 days since then. Do you have those proofs?

A. Vučić: I can show them whenever, but it will…

B. Stanković: Well why didn’t you?

A. Vučić: I’ll show you, I’ll explain. Because it doesn’t say there that that was done for the campaign against me, as this here doesn’t say much either, but it says that that is a project for Kolubara, a project for this, a project for that, essentially…

B. Stanković: What project for Kolubara?

A. Vučić: Every project that is funded by Rockefeller and…

B. Stanković: Well, we did Kolubara, no one paid us.

A. Vučić: Just hear me out. You worked without funding. I’m saying that shouldn’t be done that way, project of destruction of Aleksandar Vučić. But it’s done under different – project for freedom of I don’t know what, but in fact it’s a project of destruction of Aleksandar Vučić. As it was once done, before 20 years, and before 30, and before 10, and before 5, and as it will be in 10 years.

B. Stanković: But, Mr. Vučić, what about the Savamala case? Did Savamala happen or not?

A. Vučić: Well I have to say, since for the 15.000th everyone is going back to that, I can’t wait for that to be resolved. And what else do you want from me? I really think that is the millionth problem on the list of problems that struck Serbia.


B. Stanković: And then?

A. Vučić: But I do think it should be resolved

B. Stanković: Yes, but that is not a campaign, that happened.  

A. Vučić: I think that it is a campaign

B. Stanković: Is that a fact? That it was demolished by unknown…

A. Vučić: Yes, unknown persons came, demolished illegal objects, yes. Shacks.

B. Stanković: Well now, shacks or private…

A. Vučić: Yes, illegal objects, yes.

B. Stanković: Illegal or private property, but it’s a fact that it was done by night so that it wouldn’t be known who did it.

A. Vučić: A fact.

B. Stanković: That someone demolished by night, unknown persons.

A. Vučić: We have at least another 50 people with unsolved murders, which is far more important than that, so…

B. Stanković: For police not to stand in citizens’ protection that night? You want to say that it’s normal that I call, as a threatened citizen, that someone, something is happening to my property and I say “please, come” and they say – No.

A. Vučić: Brankica, I really cannot repeat the same thing for the 20th time.

B. Stanković: Well you haven’t even answered that, but there simply must be some kind of responsibility for such things. Well I mean, it’s not funny. Minister of the police is the minister of all citizens, is that right?

A. Vučić: Yes, and I think he’s doing his job wonderfully.

B. Stanković: But they didn’t go out on the field that night. 

A. Vučić: Did they go out on the field or not…

B. Stanković: Citizens could’ve been threatened. They are supposed to protect the citizens.

A. Vučić: They could have been threatened. Good, you said that quite well, that they could have been threatened.

B. Stanković: Well, they were threatened, they didn’t call them because they were bored. Something was happening so they called.

A. Vučić: And that’s why I’m asking that it’s investigated.

B. Stanković: Second question – how do you comment on the data that in 2013, 23 assaults, threats or harassments towards journalists have been documented, and this year in only 8 months – 54? Or…

A. Vučić: That is horrible.

B. Stanković: What is your stand on the European Federation of Journalists’ President’s statement that rated Serbia as the worst example of media freedoms breach on whole Balkan? 

A. Vučić: Well I can’t really comment on something that someone says under any kind of political message. For me it’s important to investigate and determine who are the people that were assaulted. But we would be surprised to see that in fact, the most assaulted journalists with whom these people, if those are these freest people, say about these other that are unfree, that those unfree are the most assaulted ones. So, that the only one that had serious bodily injuries, when we talk about assaults, only one journalist had serious bodily injuries – that is Gordana Uzelac. I’m not sure if they referred to her and included her on the list. So, from Pink television. I’m not sure if they were refering to her, but…

B. Stanković: Well they certainly were…

A. Vučić: But she was the only one with serious bodily injuries and I really…

B. Stanković: It’s not true that everyone kept silent on that. All media reported about that, and Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia and so on.

A. Vučić: She’s the only one that had serious bodily injuries. We had 3 case with mild injuries, and I’ve seen horrible assaults on Vuk Jeremić’s journalists where he had two bodyguards to prevent journalists from getting into his elective billet. I’ve seen Saša Janković not answering any questions to journalists because he doesn’t like them. Those are horrible cases of assaults…

B. Stanković: And did you see, during your inauguration, that the security of SPP’s supporters physically assaulted a journalist?

A. Vučić: I did see about one journalist being assaulted, and I am terribly sorry for that, terribly sorry for that. She of course wasn’t injured, that is the silver lining, but that is horrible. I apologize in any way possible.

B. Stanković: Well there is a footage of that as well, they dragged them too, I don’t know they were doing.

A. Vučić: No, no, don’t, dragged them, it was a single journalist.

B. Stanković: Well how didn’t they? A journalist, a Tanjug associate and one civilian.

A. Vučić: It was one journalist, and one was an instigator who came there, he worked for Democratic Party, he provoked all the time and was trying to cause an incident. And what happened to that journalist, I am extremely sorry for that, I think that is unacceptable, but for 5 years…

B. Stanković: And don’t you have the same opinion when it comes to journalists?

A. Vučić: I absolutely do. 

B. Stanković: How come?

A. Vučić: To me, Lidija Valtner, if I’m correct, I apologize if I made a mistake, is equally important as Gordana Uzelac, except that Gordana Uzelac had serious bodily injuries because she was knocked out, and in this case, fortunately the injuries were mild. But the very treatment, the very action, I consider the same.

B. Stanković: And do you see the difference between tabloid journalism and investigative journalism? Or is that all the same to you?

A. Vučić: I see the difference between a fact and a lie, a tabloid journalism was brought to Serbia by Democratic Party in its full enthusiasm, in its full sweep, and nothing else.

B. Stanković: No, it started in 2001, and since 2003 every governing authority has their own tabloids.

A. Vučić: In 2001 I wasn’t in power, it was Democratic Party.

B. Stanković: Well I know, we did that and back then tabloids attacked Authority, but they…

A. Vučić: Once again, I fully agree with you.

B. Stanković: Well yes, but I want to say that you can’t put everyone in the same boat, those who work seriously… Can you imagine that all those media that you undermine…

A. Vučić: I undermine no one. 

B. Stanković: You do, like N1, Krik, Insider…

A. Vučić: First of all, I never, that’s not true, I never undermine American television N1.

B. Stanković: Fine, but I want to say…

A. Vučić: I’m just saying that I don’t think they are objective. Period.

B. Stanković: Alright. Your right.

A. Vučić: My right. Thank you.

B. Stanković: But do you, you generally don’t do…

A. Vučić: That’s a great power. They have their own cable provider, huge force.

B. Stanković: And can you imagine that all media starts to behave as tabloids? And that serious ones, those who care about verifying every information, now start to publish lies, unconfirmed information?

A. Vučić: I cannot. There are serious ones that want to keep the market to themselves like that. Politika, and Novosti…

B. Stanković: Well, do you realize how dangerous that is? Do you get how dangerous that is?

A. Vučić: Of course I realize, that’s why I say it. That’s why I can’t understand why they’ve done it.

B. Stanković: Who?

A. Vučić: Well Democratic Party. Why did they bring in so many tabloids?

B. Stanković: Well why do you do it? 

A. Vučić: I’m not doing that. I didn’t create any of those tabloids.

B. Stanković: Well during your time, tabloids have been established as well.

A. Vučić: For example?

B. Stanković: Srpski telegraf, Ekspres.

A. Vučić: Well, that’s because people separated. Ekspres is not a tabloid, Ekspres has a circulation of 1000 issues, a weekly paper.

B. Stanković: Well ok, I can’t keep track. They change all the time, the tabloids.

A. Vučić: I can. They do change. But what can we do? Should we forbid establishing tabloids?

B. Stanković: No. I want to tell you that you have to respect it a little bit, you cannot just answer…

A. Vučić: Then you would say that I’m compromising the freedom of information. Ok, that’s all true, whatever I do you will say that’s it’s my fault.

B. Stanković: Do you know who said “media is important as a part of creation of a state of law, we have to change are views on them”?

A. Vučić: Everyone says that, but I have probably said that a couple of times as well.

B. Stanković: You did, you said that last year.

A. Vučić: And I’m almost certain that I’ve said the whole truth. Which means, if I can…

B. Stanković: But you haven’t changed anything.

A. Vučić: I changed everything. The proof of that is me coming here, to answer all these questions.

B. Stanković: I hope you will come again since we have more questions, and that competent institutions will become a bit more open, because there are journalists in this country…

A. Vučić: Here, let me use this opportunity, let me use this opportunity, you are right, I think they should be more open, and I think they should answer your questions. As I have answered all of your questions today.

B. Stanković: And have you now concluded that I am an enemy of the state?

A. Vučić: I never said that you are an enemy of the state. 

B. Stanković: Well I mean, because of the questions.

A. Vučić: I said that I am very fond of you.

B. Stanković: Ok, but is this now, this type of conversation…

A. Vučić: So now you mind that… You now have to offend again so that they could say…

B. Stanković: Well alright, I know that you’re now... 

A. Vučić: …that they could say Brankica was this way and that way.

B. Stanković: I’m not competing with anyone. That is simply my way of communicating.

A. Vučić: Brankica, you know very well what I think of you for years now and that’s not something new, and there is a difference between people who are serious and are not. I respect serious people, period. It is my responsibility to be open with everyone, and with the ones that are not. And I will be. And I won’t hide anything. As I will, as I won’t hide the truth and as I won’t hide what I think. And no one can forbid me from thinking, sometimes correctly, sometimes not. And it’s not that horrible to make a mistake and apologize. I think that is fair.

B. Stanković: Did you make any mistakes?

A. Vučić: I’ve made a mistake a million times. 

B. Stanković: What kind of mistake? What is your biggest mistake?

A. Vučić: Whatever kind you’d like. 

B. Stanković: You always say that, but no one ever asks you when did you make a mistake, what was the mistake. I’m just curios regarding media.

A. Vučić: Media? Well I’ve made a mistake because sometimes I can be too passionate about it. Because I too often say why I think. I will keep talking but I will try to, I don’t know, maybe I’ll come to your shows more often, to those that think that I’m hiding something and to try to influence some others to come more to media that are not inclined to us, because there are those who are against us.

B. Stanković: Not to media that are not inclined to you, to media that simply deals with facts. They have all the rights to…

A. Vučić: Ok. There are not that many media that deal with facts.

B. Stanković: Well are there many or not, but…

A. Vučić: That’s the essence of it.

B. Stanković: But there are media that are dealing with facts.

A. Vučić: I know there are not that many of them. Because, exactly because of what I was telling you. And that’s why there should be more responsibilities in informing from one end, and more of our responsibilities. And it’s most certainly my fault. I made a mistake once and when I, I sometimes tell you something that is in regards to others, or in general because I leave in a political environment. I certain that there are time when I was arrogant even though that was not my intention. It’s certain that I’ve made mistakes and with facts even though unintentionally, but essentially, I think I’ve spoken the truth and that I was very open. Which I wish you in the future with some other president and some other prime minister. I’m afraid you can’t say that you’ve this kind of openness with Cvetković, nor with Koštunica, not even with Tadić anyone else.

B. Stanković: Well ok, we published everything, and that we had communication issues and so on, but for that matter the competent institutions were more open, authorities were more closed and this is the opposite. So, the competent institutions are closed, you can’t even find information, but ok, that is a different discussion.

A. Vučić: Those questions are for some other people, but I am ready to…

B. Stanković: The other thing, ministers go only where they know they won’t be asked questions, because things are like that here

A. Vučić: I, dear Brankica, answer all the questions.  

B. Stanković: Thank you for being our guest.  

A. Vučić: When you work, when you try hard and when you fight and when you do your job diligently, responsibly, respectfully, then you fear no one. Thank you for asking me, and now I’ll have to make excuses since I stayed too long with you.

B. Stanković: Thank you.

A. Vučić: Thank you. 

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