Ministry of Defense will form a Commission to investigate personal data leaks

After the exposure of personal data of a Serbian MP by Aleksandar Martinovic, Head of the parliamentary group of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), led to the formation of Investigation Committee and possible lawsuits.

Current Defense Minister Zoran Djordjevic

Defense Minister Zoran Djordjevic has formed a commission with a task to determine whether the personal data of MP Zoran Zivkovic were abused and revealed without authorization.

Commission will be led by Coronel Dragan Kotlaric, Chief of Human Resources at the Ministry of Defense and the public will be informed about the findings, stated the Ministry on Thursday.

MP and leader of the New Party (Nova Stranka) Zoran Zivkovic stated that he will submit criminal charges against those responsible from the Ministry of Defense as well against the head of the parliamentary group of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party Aleksandar Martinovic. Minister Djordjevic is also a member of the Progressive Party.

During the Serbian Assembly session about the new government held on Wednesday, in the heat of discussion, Martinovic read personal data of the MP Zivkovic from a military file.

Martinovic was quoting official records from military department in Nis about Zivkovic’s ability to serve the army.

Commissioner for Information of the Public Importance, Rodoljub Sabic, ordered supervision of the implementation of the Law on protection of personal data in the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“The type of personal data and the manner in which they have been used indicate that officials in the Ministry of Defense and in the Ministry of Internal Affairs certainly violated the provisions of the Law on protection of personal data by placing them on disposal to the third, unauthorized person, thus committing punishable offences,” the Commissioner said.

MP from Progressive Party, Vladimir Orlic, told Insajder that this party received sensitive information on Zivkovic from a person from the town of Vrbas.

However, at the press conference held earlier, Orlic claimed that the information on Zivkovic was published by the media two years ago.

Milivoje Pantovic


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