Serbian Assembly to discuss new Cabinet on Wednesday

Serbian Prime Minister-designate Ana Brnabic made a motion to the Parliament on Tuesday for forming the new government which includes three new ministers.

Serbian Prime Minister designated Ana Brnabic

A special Assembly session will be held on Wednesday and PM-designated Brnabic will formally present the formation of the new cabinet.

According to the plans, Vice-president of the Socialist Party of Serbia, Brank Ruzic, will be the new Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, a position previously held by PM-designate Brnabic.

Former Belgrade city Secretary Goran Trivan will be the Minister of Ecology.

Leader of the pro-Russian Serbian People’s Party, Nenad Popovic, will be the Minister without portfolio in charge of innovation. Popovic’s People’s Party was on the election list of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party.

Controversial Labour Minister, Aleksandar Vulin, known for his undiplomatic remarks towards Serbia’s neighbors, will be the new Defense Minister.

He will switch positions with the former Minister of Defense Zoran Djordjevic, who will be in charge of the Ministry of Labour.

Former Minister without portfolio in charge of the EU integrations, Jadranka Joksimovic, will be the future Minister for EU integrations. The rest of the ministers will hold their current positions.

Natasa Bogovic



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