Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic congratulated Macron in the hope for better relations with France

Serbian Prime Minister and President-elect Aleksandar Vucic congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his victory in the French presidential election, stating that he hopes for better relations between the two countries.

PM Vucic said on Monday that he is confident the victory of President-elect Macron in presidential election on Sunday will mean “improvement of relations between Serbian and French people.”

“I congratulate you on winning the presidency in the hope that you will perform this demanding duty responsibly and with commitment for the benefit of the Republic of France and all its citizens, and for the benefit of the family of European countries which Serbia tends to join,” said PM Vucic in a written statement.

In the end of April, Serbia handed a protest note to the French ambassador in Belgrade over Colmar Court’s decision not to extradite the former Kosovo PM and one of the KLA commanders Ramush Haradinaj to Serbia.

Serbian President Nikolic: Hope for better relations

President Tomislav Nikolic also congratulated President-elect Macron, saying that Macron will have “Serbia as a partner that wants to contribute to the development and promotion of historical and friendly ties between the two countries.”
“I do hope that the bilateral relations will be better in the future,” stated President Nikolic.

Serbian authorities also decided to withdraw the Serbian ambassador from Paris for consultation, and PM Vucic asked the officials of Serbian Ministries to restrain from travelling for official visits to France in the next three months.

On 27 April, the Court in Calmar decided not to extradite Ramush Haradinaj to Serbia. Haradinaj was arrested by the French police on 4 January in Basel on the basis of Interpol notice issued on the request of Serbia.

Serbia accuses Haradinaj, who was one of the leaders of Kosovo Liberation Army (OVK), of war crimes against civilians.

Natasa Bogovic

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