Serbian police arrested 200 migrants in the municipality of Sid

Serbian police have arrested 200 migrants on Monday evening in an action requested by authorities of the municipality of Sid where one of the refugee camps is settled.

Migrant's walk to the border

The Municipality Council of Sid requested a police action in which 200 migrants were arrested, after the municipality authorities had asked for urgent action and closing of the Center for refugees in that town.

“We were good hosts, but the migrants were bad guests. They were stealing and fighting with each other and with our citizens. A few days ago, one migrant even broke into a house with an axe in his hands while two little girls were inside. That was the last straw,” told Predrag Vukovic, the President of Municipality of Sid, to newspaper Blic.

According to media reports, the Center for Refugees in Sid hosted some 500 migrants and refugees while there was room only for 200. On Monday evening, during the arrest of 200 migrants, 180 were transported to the southern Serbian town of Presevo near the border with Macedonia while 20 were detained.

Serbian authorities have been discussing for weeks the destiny of the camp in Sid, which is near the border with Croatia. So far, two options have been suggested. One is to completely close the Center, on which the municipality of Sid insists, and the other is to transform it into a refugee camp for 100 women, children, and the sick.

Serbian Commissariat for Refugees did not have a comment on the arresting action.


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